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Ace of the Deep
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Default [REL]【NEW】 Environmental 11 MOD for Silent Hunter 5

Environmental 15.5 MOD-------------------------------------To update Environment For The Wolves of Steel - SH5 Megamod----------

New cloud

New results. Dynamic wake

Increased bow foam and sound

Environment 12 MOD ---

1. Adjust the wave reflection
2. Adjust unrealistic wave jitter
3. Change the color of the reaction environment foggy waters

Environment 11 MOD (2015.10)
1.Add foam based on wave height and choppiness
2 new foam texture more realistic
3 adjust the sea reflecting more realistic
4 more reasonable Climate Weather, not cras
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Environment 10 MOD Environment 10 MOD
1.All the new wave from the
0 wind speed meter to 15 wind speed meter.
2.More realistic size moon and the sun(ALL
Change to smaller )
3.More realistic water color at any time,
Any Climate,Any area
Please look the video for 15 meter wind wave :
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
- Revision3 For SH5_1.2(2011.9.27)Real Environment - Revision
1.Not more than 48 hours up to climate change ;
2.The structure of the cloud is smaller, making the sky larger ;
3.Adjustment some of errors in the environmental color ;

This MOD, the new sun, the sun is more brilliant, more realistic halo. Narrowed the scope of AroundSunColor closer to reality. The same place and time, there is no fog, mist and sun, is now very real, when fog or cloud covered the sun, the sun will be red.
All of updating the color of each sea area:

Clear day
Medium cloud day
Heavy cloud day
Light fog day
Heavy fog day

The new five different sunrise(Clear day\Medium cloud day)
More white sea foam.

0 meters sea level wind speed is more calm
Wish to have a good hunt.

The fog not only for fighting, but also realistic.This is my most satisfied with the adjustment.

This MOD is designed to use the "Depth_Keeping_Problem_UHS_patch_HB_1_0_0_TheD arkW raith" adjustment SIM file. MOD function is to strengthen the submarine up and down fluctuations. reduce the magnitude of the left and right swing.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~·
Environmental 4.9 MOD for SH5_1.2
1.Change the foam more white again.
2.Change the color of the French coastline to EnvColors_Tropica.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 4.8 MOD for SH5_1.2

1.Change the foam more white.
2.The new underwater color.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 4.6 MOD for SH5_1.2
Environmental 4.6 MOD replace all the Environmental MOD
1.The BUG corrected 4.6FOG.
2.Added splash of sound submarine.

High-visibility fog for fighting
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 4.6 MOD for SH5_1.2

1.Adjust the ClearFOGDay / LightFogDay / MeiumFogday / HeavyFogDay /
enhance a sense of air when the good weather.
2.increased the brightness of refraction.
3.Changes waves to more small in wind speed 5 m.
4.Adjust the color of all the environmental climate.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 4.5 MOD for SH5_1.2
Environmental 4.5 MOD replace all the Environmental MOD
1. Adjust the fog, mist to correct error of 4.3.
2.Adjust the fog color in poor weather.
3.Environment more bright for mediumcloud day***12290;

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 4.301 MOD for SH5_1.2
Environmental 4.301 MOD replace all the Environmental MOD
1. correcting error in 4.3.
2.Environment and sound separation.

Standalone version of the environment sound Sounds.rar
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~·
Environmental 4.3 MOD for SH5_1.2
1. correcting error ofthe Wake in 4.2.
2.Adjusted sunrise of the Weather_Polar.
3.Adjusted the proportion of foam appears

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 4.2 MOD for SH5_1.2

1.Errors corrected of the ***8220;ClimateZones.cfg***8221;.
2.Adjusted sunrise of hte Weather_Temperate.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 4.1 MOD for SH5_1.2
1.Adjusted the sky in Heavy Fog weather. move the cover in the sky when the Heavy Fog Weather.
2.New "ClimateZones.tga" file thanks for @ACSoft to corrected.
3.Environmental Sounds.
4.Further improve the color to the real.
5.Adjustment UnderwaterColor darker in the evening 0:00
6.Put the***8220; lightfog***8221;. Very suitable for fighting
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 4.0 MOD for SH5_1.2

1.Adjusted above water glossiness. and Above water specular intensity.
2.Increased rain drop maximum size.
3.Environmental Sounds.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 3.9 MOD for SH5_1.2
Fixed errors in Climate and Weather, Climate and Weather is wrong in the Environment 3.8. Sorry.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 3.8 MOD
1. Adjust the wave.
2. New Lightning and high-resolution.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 3.7 MOD for SH5_1.2

1.The last adjustment of the color of all climate
2. Reality Moon
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 3.6 MOD for SH5_1.2
1.Adjust the direction of the moon light error
2. Adjusted the color of the EnvColors_Tropical and EnvColors_Tropical_A.
3. The moon is more delicate structural adjustment.
Just install with JSGME.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 3.5 MOD for SH5_1.2
1. Remove ClimateZones.cfg the BUG
2. Adjusted the color of all the MEDIUM_CLOUD_DAY again.
3. My Sound of environment by me made***12290;
4.Edit Sh.sdl:Phonograph, radio,Thunder............ more louder,There is Bases music.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 3.3 MOD for SH5_1.2

1. Adjustment ClimateZones.cfg and ClimateZones.tga,It makes you feel more different water.Hope that the players do not place the junction in ClimateZones more than 1024 times the compression of time.The problem is the question the game itself.
2. Adjusted the color of all the MEDIUM_CLOUD_DAY .
Just install with JSGME.
Wish to have a good hunt.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 3.2 MOD for SH5_1.2

1. Adjust the color all of the environment.
2. Adjust moon to the more dark .
3. Adjust smoke more black .
4. Adjust sun to the more bright.
5. Adjust the wake of the color again.
6. Remove wave's BUG(Waves have stopped).
Just install with JSGME. W_clear2010.8.17

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 3.1 MOD for SH5_1.2
1. Adjust the color of the tropical environment and others.
2. Changes the speed of transition between one weather state and the next to slower.
3.10 m wind speed of the waves slower.
4.The SUB's left-right drag smaller. Slew of smaller.
5.Adjust the wake of the color.
6.Remove blacksmoke's BUG.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Environmental 3.0 MOD replace all the Environmental MOD
1. There are foam from the 5m.
2. Smoke more black.
3.Form and wake more white.
4.Once again, adjust the color of the various climatic environment.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 2.5 MOD for SH5_1.2
Environmental 2.5 MOD replace the Environmental 2.4 MOD
1. The new Sun, a more realistic size and halo.
2. Eliminate BUG that some people use the environment MOD occurred snowflakes screen .
3.Increase all the the climate of the sun more bright.
4.After adjusting all the color MEDIUM-cloudsday.
5.@SteelViking 's new [ClimateZones.tga].Thanks @SteelViking .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 2.4 MOD replace the Environmental 2.1 MOD and 2.3
1.Adjust the color of each climate more realistic
2.New fog .Facilitate the fighting fog***12290;
Installation method. Cover the Environment 2.0MOD.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental 2.3 MOD replace the Environmental 2.1 MOD and 2.2
1.In addition to a line to the horizon at night in good weather.
2.Adjusting the wrong color of the various climate
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` `
Environmental 2.2 MOD replace the Environmental 2.1 MOD
1.Amendment to the Mediterranean climate--------Weather_Tropical and EnvColors_Tropical.
2.Adjusted EnvColors_Polar_A sunrise. The sun in 10 degrees of environmental color.
3.Adjusted more white clouds in clearday.
4.Adjustment refraction of the 10 to 15 meters wave .
5.It's eliminate low visual distance for 'medium' fog and 'heavy 'fog.
6.SteekViking's climatezones.cfg , This should avoid Crash To Desktops.thanks.
7.Adjusted the rain to more natural .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environment 2.0 For SH5_1.2(2010.5.21)
- the most important feature is that the scope of changes in seawater increased, shortening the distance changes, the original of only three waters, and separated by great distance, a patrol is impossible to master the different changes in the marine environment, and now I Shortened the interval from the various areas, so you can be on patrol through the different sea areas were soon to experience a different area and different environments, it gives you the game more fun.
1.Environment 2.0 increased the rate of submarine up-down drag.
2.The new 0 m to 15 m waves.
3.Lightning more bright.
4.To change the outer structure of the cloud ***65288;Thanks for @ Ailantd :AilClouds 3.0 MOD------Only use "".***65289;I adjusted the cloud.cfg parameters, when the sunny days when the cloud is more sense of distance.
5.Change the size of the sun to the more realistic.
6.The form and wake become more white.
I made two versions of the evening, more bright and more dark.Players choose to install it.But must reach the Environment 2.0.
Thank the help of my friends @Kriller2 .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental MOD_1.2for Silent Hunter 5(2010.4.2)
1. Removed the "liquid metal"
2. Adjustment of the tropical regions and temperate regions of the sunrise.
3. Adjusted MEDIUM CLOUDS DAY water color.
4. Adjustment of the water reflects the color.
5. Adjust the color of the evening.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Environmental MOD_1.1 for Silent Hunter 5
Environmental MOD is based on the reality of different climate, a comprehensive adjustment of the color of SH5. And to rectify a lot of mistakes. For example: poor day the atmosphere is very realistic, there is no refraction of seawater. The sun is not halo, the bubble is very dark color of the moon and the glow is very rough, three different latitudes colors the same error, and so on.
Major adjustments:
1. The new wave, from 0 meters to 15 meters.
2. Changed the fog close visualization.
3. To change the brightness and halo of the sun.
4. Different colors in three different latitude waters.
5. Different atmosphere in three different climatic, ClearDay, MediumCloudDay, PoorDay.
6. Different sunrise in different climates and different waters.
7. Adjusted all the underwater colors.
8. Moon halo more realistic, and the increase in the moonlight refraction.
9. PoorDay added all the water refraction,
10. To change the outer structure of the cloud ***65288;Thanks for @ Ailantd :AilClouds 2.0 MOD***65289;.
11. To amend the external view overlooking the bright light BUG .
Environment MOD _1.0 there are many need to be adjusted and modified, I will at a later time to continue its upgrade. There is a need to increase the submarine splash, but also increase the splash of sound, and so on.

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Canadian Wolf
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Nicw WC, will give this a go

Back in the Day

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Ace of the deep .
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Hi W_Clear,

Do you use the same cloud as Aitland in your mod? I find them so gorgeous, don't want to lose them.
-Fighting is a lifestyle-
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@W_clear. I've been waiting for this day. Cant wait to test~!

@ Will-Rommel "10. To change the outer structure of the cloud (Thanks for @ Ailantd :AilClouds 2.0 MOD"

Im guessing he used Ailantd's as a base and modified it a bit.
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domo arigatô
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Does this mod have any impact on framerates? I'd like to try it but if it slows my game down I'll stick with stock.
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Default Liquid Metal Reflection Bug

I had this bug before installing a mod, 2 weeks ago when I had just bought SH5.
Maybe i have installed one mod but it was not Environmental MOD

I think this bug comes from the game itself.
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It is ok, now I installed the right one!

Have to say though- I prefer the standard look to this mod currently, sorry and do keep up the good work.
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Old 03-28-10, 03:34 PM   #10
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i really like the new waves sorry if this ends up double posting i already clicked submit once
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hey clear...any news on that nice mod?

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Just had an hour or two with this mod, Cant wait for the finished product, Hope W_Clear you will finish it off,

The night is only perfect and the colours only mouth watering.

I have all the above probs too, Stars refelections are a bit much,

But W................Brilliant. Keep it up.

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does this mod work with the 1.02 patch?
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I have completed the environment 2.0. Begin test today.
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Member of A.O.T.D

Es gibt zwei Arten von Bugs
1. Programmfehler
2. Fehler zwischen Monitor und Sitzlehne

Die 2. sind die schlimmeren, denn die kann man nicht beheben.
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