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Originally Posted by irishskysail View Post
Having the exact same issue. Of course it can still be used using the hotbar or using the observer periscope. But I haven't found the problem yet.
it is the 'cam.dat' you have to replace it seems to me that there is a patch for is my friend KM_U669
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[QUOTE=irishskysail;2788941]This mod is great and I really enjoy it. But i've had an issue that (seemingly at random) it crashes on loading, but only after exiting the game. Whether this be after the end of a patrol or in the middle of one, the game crashes when loading and always right before its finished or just after the text on screen appears.

Does anyone know this issue?


If you start Task Master and you see Gaming Services running. SH3 will crash with the report that the game is already running or something like that, been a long time for me but definitely Gaming Services is running and it is the trouble. You can usually fix this temporarily by restarting the computer.

You can prevent Gaming Services from starting for a more semi permanent resolution. Doing this will only start the Gaming Services service when it is specifically called for by a game. I think for me it was XBOX.

I use a program called Process Lasso to prevent Gaming Services from automatically running. I used the "Disallow Service" option in Process Lasso.

Process Lasso is a free program but you can choose to give the author a token if you find it useful. I donated $10.00 USD years ago and now it automatically updates when a new feature has been added.. NICE! I hope this helps, I think this will help with this issue.

One caution. Process Lasso is very powerful, you can brick Windows with it. Requiring a restore to get it working again. Don't mess around with Windows Services.
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