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bullhorn Knights of the Sea Depths II:Ace Edition 1.4

Knights of the Sea Depths II: Ace Edition 1.4

I decided to create a new thread, because The KSD II + Wolfpack English translation has evolved substantially and decided to create a standalone installer for easier installation.

As previously stated, all the credits go to original mod authors. Which you can find them in The "Wolfpack" campaign mod was created by Lukner.

What is KSD ?
Quote from KSD II author
Initially, the idea was simple - to take the best, in my opinion, from SH3 (GWX, NYGM) and on the basis of SH4 U-Boat Missions (mission for the Germans) to expand the range of combat operations all the way to the Atlantic and from 1939, including additional types of boats and main combat fleets participating in the hostilities in the Atlantic Theater. The idea is not new, at one time it was worked out and is still being worked out in the Operation Monsun fashion.
Types of playable u-boats
the main combat flotillas of boats - 1st, 2nd, 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 29th, 30th, 33rd

Periscope view and interface

Due to the massive amounts of texts and files for one person. There is a great possibility of translation mistakes or missing letters. If you find them please report it in this thread. Write a date when you got the message upload a picture or just mention text which has a mistake.

Silent Hunter 4 - Good practices to ensure a stable save:
1. Never save while submerged.
2. Avoid saving around any ship/airplane within 20-50 km. - hard to determine but make sure you travel away from any sighting for a while using TC and then save
3. Never save within 50 km of a sunken ship.
4. Never save while music is playing from gramophone.
5. Never save during torpedo loading or repairs.
6. Never use Alt + TAB during a patrol.
7. Only save/exit game in NAV map or command room view.
8. Before/after attacking the convoy it is recommended to save the game in case the game crashes.

Known bugs:

UAK(training flottila) when spawning in a port submarine could get stuck in the land)
UAK(training flottila) not sure if objectives works needs more testing.
Type IXC/40 wobbly propellers.
If you want to put in new torpedoes in your boat you cant put them directly into the reserves
you have to put them into the tubes and then drag them to the reserves.
Friendly ports can cause game crashes it's recommended to save before entering base.

BASE SH4 is not required everything is included
KSD II Ace Edition 1.4v

Small patch 1.4.1
Fixed CLAbdiel.cfg file error
Added optional mod for increased underwater visibility


Fixed duplicating depth orders
Atlantic campaign tweaks
Convoy rework convoys shouldn't disperse now after an attack
Destroyer appearance dates are bringed backed to historical dates
Fully destroyed eqiupment now is unrepairaible
Abdiel class minelayer listing bug fixed
New environment
Q-ships are removed because they were broken
Type IX uboat stern deck watch crewmembers were moved slightly moved back.
Now you can encounter u-boats more frequently when invasion of Norway occurs
Slight changes to Med Air bases
Lorient port traffic has been reduced in order to avoid crashes
New sensor values
Aircraft now should be detected at further distances
Aircraft now shouldn't appear in very high altidudes
Campaign and other tweaks made by s7rikeback (Big thanks to you!)
Underwater clarity has now been reduced to more realistic levels
20 new ships added from SH5 and World of Warships big thanks to Alex.B
1942 convoys have been redone. Overall ship count in convoys has been slightly reduced in order to increase stability of the game.
Tweaks to minefields (thanks to Salty Dodger for reporting it)

Optional mods
Modeled full interiors of Type II and Type VII submarine. Very high performance demanding, and greatly increase possibility of the game crashing

Searching for testers and modders.
Discord server

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