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Default Stoss’s Rules and Tools for AotD

In honor of Sailor Steve, I present my rules and tools for Aces of the Deep. I have no idea whether he did anything similar for Aces of the Deep, but it was a post by him explaining some house rules he used for SH3 that got me interested in this sort of thing. Rest In Peace, Steve!

Here is the link to my tools file. Please make a copy for yourself prior to use. When first using the scripts in it you will be prompted with a warning. Click Advanced, and then allow the scripts. It will say Unsafe (it is not unsafe, I wrote them).

Rules for Realistic Play:
1. 100% realism and all levels expert.

2. Dead is dead. Goes without saying.

3. Begin the next career in the same period your last one ended if you are sunk. For example, if you get sunk in June 1942, begin again in the Drumbeat period. (As a side note, you will receive a Type II regardless of what period you start in. If there is anything that I would like to see modded in this game, it would be to fix this.)

4. When traveling on the surface, use the speed given when pushing “Resume” in the strategic chart. It’s a good cruising speed. Fuel is generally not a concern in AotD.

5. Try your best to follow the historical standing orders by date:

6. Follow Kretschmer’s principle of diving for 2 hours a day. I do so from 6 to 8 AM. This simulates the daily trim dive, torpedo servicing, and also allows you to check your hydrophones for convoys. I cruise at slow speed (1/3), at 30 m. Otherwise, unless I am being repeatedly hounded by aircraft, I’m on the surface, as in real life.

7. When surfacing, first go to periscope depth and perform a scope check at both magnifications. Then order surface, full speed ahead. As soon as the diesel mate finishes telling you “now running on diesel engines”, go to the binoculars and perform a scan of the surface. This simulates the commander scanning the surface prior to having the ballast tanks fully blown with diesel exhaust, as was standard practice. It also simulates the time it takes the commander to undog the hatch and head topside.

8. I place no limit on time compression. I would advise against the max however, because things will come into view very quickly…..

9. I place no limit on the use of the strategic (world) chart.

10. I only use the tactical chart when surfaced unless monitoring the hydrophones. Even though all ships in view are rendered on it, it makes up for the lack of situational awareness on the surface due to the low-resolution modeling of the ships in the game. I will not look at the tactical chart underwater with the periscope raised. Historically only the commander viewed targets through the periscopes. Historically he also was responsible for estimating and delivering the final targeting values for an underwater attack. This also simulates that. On the surface on the other hand, the first watch officer delivered the final targeting values from the UZO column. The commander could, and often did, overrule him, so use the space bar to change the TDC values if you see fit.

11. I monitor the tactical chart when traveling on the surface, since your crew can see ships and planes before they report them to you. You put yourself at an unfair disadvantage if you just rely on them to report, especially for planes. The crew won’t report planes until they are already making their approach. In reality, it was often possible to spot planes long before the boat itself was spotted. Watch the chart.

12. Turn torpedo auto-reloading off. The commander has the say as to what gets loaded and when.

13. When stalking a target, turn roughly to a parallel course and switch between the binoculars and the tactical chart. Try to keep him at the same bearing by regulating your speed, and keep a safe distance. Monitor the TDC - it will show the estimated target values. I will only permit myself to accelerate and begin the Vorsetzmanöver (overtaking to get ahead) once the course value on the TDC approximates the course the target appears to be steering per the chart. This simulates the common practice of “Ausdampfen” - steering a parallel course to the target at roughly the same speed until the target’s course and speed become evident (typically took a half hour or so, sometimes longer). This is situation-dependent - there may be times when you need to dive right away due to the range to the target. At that point you are limited to what you can estimate through your scope, so pay attention to the TDC values since you can’t use the tactical chart.

14. At night, I will only attack submerged if it’s a full moon or otherwise very good visibility. AotD is far too forgiving at night with the periscope.

15. Pay attention to your direction of approach. During the day, try to keep the sun behind you. At night, if you have to attack in a full moon on the surface, make sure it is not behind you.

16. After 7 days in your assigned patrol area, send a status report and roll a 10-sided die if you have one, or an online random number generator from 1 to 10 and consult below, applying the modifiers. On a modified result equal to or less than the below, request new orders. Otherwise, return to base.

Type IID - 6
All larger types - 7
-1 if torpedoes still aboard
+1 if you have received any damage that resulted in leaks, even if repaired at sea

This may very well cause you to RTB with plenty of fuel and torpedoes aboard. It is to simulate all of the other factors that may have caused a boat to end the patrol early. It is also designed to compensate for the incredibly high fuel range in the game.

17. If firing from over 1,000 m or on uncertain data (dark cross on the target), use the spread function of the TDC. See the tools file Spread Angle Calculator tab. This tab mimics the real-life gyro angle receiver’s spread-setting ratios and allows you to determine what “offset” to set in the game. German spreads of 3 and 4 eels were purposely wider than the target to ensure one hit and were not designed to spread over the length of the target (a common misconception in U-boat sims).

18. If you do not have an attack disc or some other means of easily deriving true bearings, AOB, course etc, use the Lagenwinkelscheibe tab of my tools file. Select the value you are looking for and input the values as indicated.

19. Use the Submerged Approach Speeds tab to help you determine the optimal speed to approach a target underwater. This is based on a real chart given to commanders (in M.d.V. 416 T). Easiest is to set a perpendicular course and close the target, turning by about 10 degrees toward the direction of the target’s travel just before shooting so the eel approaches slightly aft of the target’s beam (ballistically the most advantageous for covering target course errors). However, if the target is moving fast (at least 15 kn) or you are shooting from a longer range, opt for an impact angle of 90 by shooting on a perpendicular course. AotD simulates the better accuracy of low-parallax shots, so keep the target within 20° of your bow when firing.

20. On completing the 5th patrol and on completion of every patrol thereafter, roll a 6-sided die. If the result is a 1, you retire from front-line duty. After the 16th patrol, you may voluntarily retire (no U-boat commander did more than 16 patrols). [Thanks for this rule Beery!] If you retire, start your next commander in the next war period.

21. When encountering a ship and once close enough to determine tonnage via the watch officer, go to the Ship ID tab and enter the date. Push the button and read the nationality and alignment. Consult the standing orders linked previously to determine course of action.

22. There’s no crying in U-boats, and most certainly no crying in Aces of the Deep! Unless it’s 1943, then I guess a few tears are OK.
Ask me anything about the Type VII or IX!

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Thanks a lot for your tools, rules and for the archived link to the standing orders!

Very useful this.
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