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Get ready for a whole new level of realism!
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Old 06-20-17, 12:10 PM   #16
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Nice review Neal. Ya brought me back and I purchased last night. Good, FUN, stuff!!!
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Old 06-20-17, 12:32 PM   #17
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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Aww, sweet. Glad I could spread the joy
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Old 06-20-17, 06:39 PM   #18
Ace of the Deep
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Yes, I love it.. Did the training and thought lets try out the 1968 campaign... Didn't last long I must say.. got hit by an Oscar that had an active sensor torpedoes. I wasn't fast enough to get out of the way.

I didn't hear the fish coming thus would love to have those sensor stations. Most of all I would love to stand on the bridge when surfaced.

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Old 07-22-17, 04:00 PM   #19
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Hello commanders,

Would be great to see NATO's naval forces participating & fighting too in tactical map and not being alone.
A force on force naval fights between groups of ships, subs, wolfpacks would be great add-on! Is this possible?

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Old 08-03-17, 11:49 AM   #20
Bilge Rat
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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
Iwas Expecting my old friend RSR at best ,more modern than SH5 or other newer games .what I got is so much less.
Disappointed hell that a Affirmative .
RSR was what got me in to gaming and even trying a computer.
Gentalmen We have a long way to go but between the game dev and the team here,we can get the job done.Oue boys need something up to par for theie off time.Do it for them.
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Old 08-03-17, 12:39 PM   #21
Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default welcome aboard!

briangoguen! after a lengthy silent run!

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Old 08-30-17, 06:49 PM   #22
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So which voice or voices in the game are your voice Neil? just curious.
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Old 02-11-18, 11:33 AM   #23
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just to say . downloaded this last night. what a find !! Red storm rising returns with bells on. i can see myself having some happy hours with this one.

Well done all !!
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Old 05-29-19, 11:33 PM   #24
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Check the review, control enhancements are in the works.
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Old 05-30-19, 01:47 AM   #25
Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default welcome aboard!


"Only two things are infinite; The Universe and human stupidity; And I'm not too sure about the Universe"
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Old 07-06-19, 07:06 AM   #26
Captain Wreckless
Sonar Guy
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I downloaded this last week when it went on sale. Did all of the training missions. Still need a lot of work at it. Decided to do the mission where I hunt a November (i think). Anyway, I found him and fired 2 torps about 30 sec apart. Not knowing what I'm doing I went active on the 1st and watched it circle the sub a couple of times without hitting it. The second went active and homed in for a hit. Well wouldn't you know it, the 1st torpedo locked onto me and hit. I survived, the bad guy didn't.

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Old 07-28-19, 01:25 PM   #27
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Captain Wreckless,

If you want some play pointers, I highly recommend going to Captain Jive Turkey's youtube page ( Jive was a sonarman/sonar supervisor on 688 boats for 20 year. He streams on twitch, youtube, and mixer, and has a very loyal following online and is entertaining.

I ended up buying the game a couple of months ago, after watching some of his past streams. (he has nearly 300).

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Old 07-24-21, 07:40 AM   #28
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All anyone really needs to know about Cold Waters is this - if you love submarine games, get it.

Once you get it.. you can play it for a bit, but id also reccomend downloading and installing the epic mod to make it even better.

Also, you can edit a ton of stuff in the game by learning to edit the .txt files the game uses to set variables and such for each sub/ship and everything else from sonar, weapon damage, speed, depth, you name it. If its a variable the game uses, you can change it to what you want or like.

It is, currently imho, the best sub game out right now. I get that there are great sub games out, but almost EVERY SINGLE ONE is like ww2 uboat based and most people i know wernt even alive during ww2, and they want to use weapons/ships/subs that are from the 80s and beyond.

And cold waters does that. You wanna do ww2 boats? No prob. You wanna do a hunt for red october typhoon boat? No problem. You love the seawolf like i do and want to use that boat? No problem.

You want to use some of the newest or THE newest subs out with the newest weapons out? Yup.. has that too.

Its easy to play and pickup, and isnt SO simulated like some games can be where you need a 500 page manual and its like you almost need to be an ex pilot of an f-18 to play the f-18 simulator. Nope. It just has speed, depth, a sonar system you can figure out, easy to launch and use weapons from guided to unguided, and everything in between.

So, if you like sub games, youre gonna like this game. Its one of the very few games i play on my pc ( used to pc game a lot but most of my gaming is done on a 70 inch flatscreen from my couch using an xbox X or playstation. But theres a few games ill play on the PC, the main one is Cold Waters.

So theres my review. you like subs? you like new subs? Old subs? whatever.. its got it. And its easy to play, and can also be very challenging depending on the experience you want.

Its a no brainer for the price. I would have paid 2x as much.
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Old 11-17-21, 07:37 PM   #29
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Absolutely enjoying the hell out of this game!
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Old 10-05-22, 10:04 AM   #30
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I am liking it. But Ivan, when he is not being crazy, he is being a wimp.

Ivan either charges into certain torpedo death face first or turns tail and runs at the first hint of a transient. 🤔

Silence is Golden
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