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This mod attempts to revive the early years of the Cold War, when the United States and the USSR turned to German submarine propulsion technology captured at the end of World War II and applied it to their own Submarine Force to achieve supremacy at sea.On the American side,pending the launch of a new generation of submarines designed from scratch (Tang class),it was decided to take advantage of the large number of survivors of submersibles of the last world war.The GUPPy Program was then born (Greater Underwater Propulsion Program) transforming those veteran submersibles into submarines to the "Tang" standard,with greater capacity in their batteries,hull and superstructure with better hydrodynamics,added "snorkel" device and improved fire control.The GUPPY II conversion began in 1947 and lasted until 1951.Its main features were the adoption of a new larger sail, housing three new masts, a snorkel induction, an exhaust pipe and an ESM mastil.Two different sail designs were also adopted.One proposed by Electric Boat Shipyard and the other by Portsmouth Shipyard.The last modified ships of the series were equipped with SS or SS-2 radars with smaller and folding screens.Others were equipped with the sail named "Northern Sail",higher and better adapted to severe climates.The GUPPY II program was more expensive than scheduled and the USN ordered,then,a less extensive set of modifications on the 10 ships still to be converted.This eventually resulted in the GUPPY IA modification.

The American submarines included in this volume are:


The weapons added:

Torpedo "Straight Runner" ASuW Mk14 mod 5
Torpedo "Straight Runner" ASW and ASuW Mk37 mod 0

Added sensors:

Pasive Hull Sonar AN-BQR-4A
Set Hull Sonar AN/BQQ-1
Radars for searching and tracking surface contacts SS-1 and SS-2



Replace or add new files to "dot mod",according to their location in the "early freeze" mod folders. You can add all 5 ships or choose which ship to add to your liking and independently.In addition, each unit is added to its own "Editor.txt" so that you can add it to your own naval combats.It is the only modification made to that file.

As always, any difficulty or doubt or criticism will be received and processed accordingly.I hope you enjoy it without problems.Greetings!!!. Marcelo


Erratum: Please replace the "ADD SENSORS" with the contents of this RAR. corrected. In the passage from version 0.3c to 0.4 I made a mistake. My apologies. Greetings!

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"Fire!!! that the People look at us! " - Admiral Guillermo Brown.
Order prior to the "Battle of Los Pozos" that took place on June 11,1826 in the Rio de La Plata,in front of the city of Buenos Aires, in an area of relative greater depth and to the view from the population. Was a combat between a flimsy Argentine Squadron and the powerfull Brazilian Empire Fleet.It was a victorious day for the Argentine navy.William Brown was the first Admiral of the newly formed Argentine Navy.Born in Ireland and argentine by adoption.A great patriot.

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