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Default Changing playable unit

Is it possible to have a sub as a playable unit in the first mission of the campaign?
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Default Re: Changing playable unit

Just found this thread and this forum:

I was surprised when I opened the DW campaigns and found that I could not use the Seawolf sub through all the campaign missions.

Are there any campaigns made that are platform specific? ie where you can jump into a particular type of submaine and play the entire campaign using just one platform?

I looked but can't figure out where to find such a thing.

I am trying to learn DW one platform at a time so the RSR campaign states out with the Frigate and I have not learned how to use that platform yet.

I have made some really simple missions for training myself but I am no where able to make real mission let alone a campaign. Besides if I made the campaign up myself I would know what's going to happen before playing it.

I am getting the feeling that is what I am going to have to do to get what I want. Maybe in a few YEARS I will learn how to do this and also learn how to exchange missions with others.

Originally Posted by freddo
Is it possible to have a sub as a playable unit in the first mission of the campaign?


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Sorry, you can't choose a different unit in my campaign. Better learn how to drive a frigate!
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