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Old 03-18-17, 05:11 PM   #16
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Looking Good
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Old 03-18-17, 06:51 PM   #17
Ace of the deep .
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There needs to be a detection penalty for leaving the periscope up while surfaced . Everyone leaves the scope up .
You could have a hatch that leads to the deck gun . Same with the AA gun . The main hatch from the command room should lead to the Conning deck near the UZO (have torpedo fire control and compass/direction change next to the uzo) .
Three hatches excludes teleporting .
I think 3 hatches would work . The gates look silly imo .
3 rooms would work for between 1 and 4 players with this layout imo .
So basically 3 rooms . Hydrophone room with Hydrophone and hatch to access the Deck gun .
Command room with periscope/torpedo fire/depth/steering/engine speed controls and hatch that leads to the UZo on deck . Have 2 big steering wheels on one side of the room , one for turning and the other for hydroplanes .
On one side of the turning wheel have the speed control and on the other side of the hydroplane wheel have the ballast controls . Layout would be depth/steering..........hydroplanes/ballast .
Have the wheels far enough apart that you have to take a step between them . On the other side of the room have the torpedo fire control .
Engine room with battery management ? and hatch that leads to the AAgun .
Even with 1 players and 3 rooms it would work .

Have an option to have the hydrophone in the command room if only single player . The deck gun hatch would still be in the hydrophone room though .
You don't need animated characters imo , it would wreck the atmosphere of it .

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Old 03-20-17, 04:05 AM   #18
Silent Hunter
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Cool, that looks like a blast, congrats guys,
(See the seafort sunk with 20mm flak) -you weren't about 'arcade end'
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Old 03-30-17, 06:50 AM   #19
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After a long break I'm coming back to check this game out.

I like it when the developers registrating on a community forum!
Hopefully he responds to the feedback soon.

I also want to play this in Multiplayer. Maybe we can team up?
Anybody interested?
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Old 04-04-17, 07:17 AM   #20
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They just posted this to their steam news section:

Gif Preview of Manual Torpedo Loading:
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Old 04-05-17, 06:40 AM   #21
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Today (5. April) is the Birthday of the HTC VIVE. They reduced the price 100€ only today...
Get it guys!
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Old 04-23-17, 06:11 PM   #22
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Any subsimmers want to do some coop? friend me on steam (nafod81).

I get sick of playing with peeps who can't understand simple bearings.
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Old 08-08-18, 06:14 PM   #23
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This is looking really nice.

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Old 09-04-21, 07:39 PM   #24
Grey Wolf
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as a member here forever and played every sub game, how does this not have its own forum topic.

how is this game only 2 pages lol

Guys, while yea its arcade and lets be real, EVERYTHING WE PLAY IS ARCADE!!

This game gives you the sense of REALLY BEING IN A WW2 SUBMARINE!! It's worth every penny and worth every minute of the experience

btw, VR is the future, hands down
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Old 10-24-21, 02:42 AM   #25
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I just got my first VR headset and this game was the first I bought for it/. Absolutely awesome and still in active development, although it is now down to a team of 1 as ionizedphil is now on Eternal Patrol. There are still active updates going on, albeit at a slower pace obviously.

The plans for playable destroyers have now had to be scrapped, but the development goes on.

RIP Phil
"Huntin', hidin' & killin' since Silent Service '83"

Click here to view my MS Flight Simulator X, Silent Hunter, Space Shuttle Mission Simulator, X Plane 11 & Train Simulator 2020 screenshots!!
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