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Support Range Determination Formula For GWX3 Periscope

Hello kaleuns... I'm fairly new to both this forum and Silent Hunter 3. Sorry in advance if I'm not to act accordingly.

What I want to talk about is determining the range using periscope ticks in vanilla GWX. If you use manual targeting your only choices are to use the stadimeter or another method. Since I just like doing everything manually, including determining the range without stadimeter, I wondered what the range formula for the 10x periscope in vanilla GWX3 would be. I saw a guy named "bstanko6" share the range formulas for 6x and 12x periscopes and they're really solid. Alas, I couldn't find any for the default GWX periscope. So, I did the math and wanted to share it with you.

So, bstanko6's formula goes like this: Mast height / periscope ticks * zoom factor = Range (in km). The zoom factor for 6x is 0.22 while for 12x it's 0.4.

I did some math and found 10x to be 0.37. But in the game, it wouldn't be quite accurate. So, I decided to find it out using the stadimeter.

In those images up above, you see a Medium Cargo with the mast of 24.5 meters. If the mast height were to equate exactly 9 ticks in the periscope, the range would be 1026 meters. When you do the math: 24.5 / 9 * zoom factor = 1.026 the zoom factor turns out to be 0.37689... If you do an equation using bstanko6's formula, you'll get 0.3666... Rounding them both up you get 0.38 for the exact range.

So, basically the range formula for 10x periscope is: Mast Height / Ticks * 0.38

I hope this post will help people playing vanilla GWX. Thanks to bstanko6 for the original formula.
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Welcome aboard!

Thank you for contributing.
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