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steel shark
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bullhorn DotMod Custom Tactical Mod

This a Request Mod for A Subsim Member

Its in Downloads / Coldwaters / Gameplay Mods

DM - CTM mod

( DotMod - Custom Tactical Mod )

1.) Optional Information On Hud Customization Options

Dot Mod HUD Scale & Bearing Scale

Remember in options Under Video theirs a slider for hud scale but after changing it click accept make sure to got to main menu also to make it uses it

Now for the Bearing scale ............................

if you look in the Huds Folder in dot mod see the 2 texts Default & Default USN. Txt. Find "Bearing Tape Scale" so it's 2,2. The first one is length so left to right. The second one is depth so larger numbers.

Re install mod tho for changes to take effect k if not on JSGME then mod the data in the zip folder then re past it in ect

if using the installer mod it first so the path would be :


then modify the two hud texts so


then install

I use 1.2,1.2 my self on a 1360x768 Resolution

2.) Dot Mod Tactical Map Range Values & Noise Values

if you look in dotmod huds theirs Default & Default_usn texts

find this


change to FALSE what you want gone

Remember to reinstall or remove DotMod then re add via JSGEM to take effect or be sure

I too remove the rings but leave the noise my self

3.) Range Rings Removal & Optional Grid Choice + Restore

Ok were this Readme was In the zip their are 3 folders

Original DotMod Files Restore
Tac Map No Grid & No Rings
Tac Map With Grid & No Rings

they do what they say

Restores Original Dotmod Files = Original DotMod Files Restore

Adds a Tactical Map with no Grid Or Rings = Tac Map No Grid & No Rings

Adds a Tactical Map with a Grid and No Rings = Tac Map With Grid & No Rings

To add these Folders Best way is this :

now open what folder you want From my zip so Lets say : Tac Map With Grid & No Rings

SEE the folder called "ColdWaters_Data"
copy this So select it so one left click then after its highlighted right click it then go to copy

Now in the main coldwaters Folder you need to paste this copy

so Find your cold waters Launch ICON then RIGHT CLICK on your cold

waters icon with mouse the go to Open file location

Now you simply paste your copy you just did in hear its all ready Folder pathed correctly

so Rightclick on a blank bit of screen then select "paste"

Say yes to any overwrites thats it

Other way is to do all of the above then install Dotmod with the installer or JSGME

"As their are multiple ways to install dotmod I made this a basic Instruction Install Method To Avoid Clashes & Potential Problems"

4.) Help

Send Me a message on subsim or find me on discord on the dotmod server If you need help

Steel Shark
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