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Default How do i Make Uboat more fun

I do not roleplay and i get burnt out after a few days of doing the same thing, i wish this game had a story like Modern warfare or even Battle stations Midway ect. Just something to keep me engaged, so my question to you all is How do you make this game more fun I have gone back to cold waters because of Dot mod...
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you could always experiment with mods. i have mostly cosmetic mods such as historical flags, loading screens and authentic goods, etc. you could also try doing more difficult tasks like first person perspective, darker nights, manual solutions, etc.

thats what i do and i find it fun. i only do one mission at a time, then come back to it again later.
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What I like about this sim is it reminds very much when I was on patrol boats, the drone of engines, sound of waves. It was work 24/7 standing watches sometimes six on six off, cleaning, maintenance, eating, sleeping, scratching your butt. You looked forward to finding a target plotting an intercept, stop and board to break the monotony. Then it was back to the patrol area and a lot of boredom.

The only thing that made those days fun was the social interaction between the crew. Like jamming a handful of marbles under the XO’s bunk and hear him complaining to the chief engineer (who was in on it) something rolling around keeping him up at night.

I think social interaction of multiplayer could make it fun. What I think this game does well is make things interesting. It’s a big sandbox that allows you to make your own decisions regarding, targeting, search areas, intercepts, tactics, watch standing, escape and evasion.

When I first began playing I was always firing from outside the convoy. Escorts know almost immediately the direction my torps came from and I paid the price for it. Learning as go along I found if I can wheedle my way into the middle of the convoy without being detected and sink a boat. Escorts have a very hard time finding me. Little things like that keep this sim interesting and satisfying knowing I got away with it.

Time compression helps alleviate the boredom a lot. But even that can be dangerous at 12x because before you know it a plane swoops in out of nowhere and drops bombs on you.
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Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post

I think social interaction of multiplayer could make it fun. .

I consider this multiplayer is very important I dont know is exist or can be implemented
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