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Default ROABF Disc and mouse manipulation

I have a problem with the manipulation of the ROABF disc. I saw video's of people just turning this disc and the attack disc just by dragging the disc with their mouse. In my situation this isn't working nor the scroll wheel of the mouse can be used to turn the ROABF disc. I have a working installation of silent hunter 5 and the latest Wolves of Steel Pack. How can I make this ROABF disc to work. Did I missed some MOD or something. Just can't figure this out and it's probably something simple. Mouse is working by default and I can manipulate the periscope so the mouse is working in the simulation. Hope that someone can give me a clue.
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Default Welcome aboard!

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In the left upper side of the RAOBF disc there is a switch.

It toggles the ability to rotate the RAOBF middle disc.

If switch is up middle disc is rotatable, If switch is down middle disc is unrotatable and scope can be panned with the mouse

Can also be toggled by pressing middle mouse button

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Old 06-01-2022, 09:40 AM   #4
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Thanks for the reply. But this one is unfortunately not that simple. I know about this switch and I have tried that. This is not working. Should manipulation of the ROABF disc and the attack disc using a mouse work out of the box when you install Silent Hunter 5 followed by the installation the beautiful MOD Wolves of Steel (both installed correctly and Wolves of Steel runs great) or do I need something else to make this to work? I hope someone has a suggestion.
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control , mouse , roabf disc

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