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Old 06-12-22, 02:21 AM   #1
Zero Niner
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Default TLAM missions

I hate TLAM missions. With a burning passion. Why do they send a nuclear attack sub to get close to land to launch the missiles, then try to slink away in shallow waters with half the Soviet navy after you, dodging torpedoes left and right when the whole idea of the TLAM is the STANDOFF aspect? Like a few hundred miles range?
Anyways (rant over) any ideas and tips on how to successfully do these type of missions and living to tell about it?
Oh, and did I say I hate TLAM missions? With a burning passion?
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Sean C
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I hear you, man! The only thing I can advise is to find a trawler you can shadow and hide under. But even if you do, you still might find yourself under fire. Otherwise move as slow, deep and silent as you can - and steer as far away from warships as possible, even if it means temporarily moving away from the target. Liberal use of time compression helps. Maybe fire a decoy in some random direction too, for good measure.

Good luck, and good hunting!
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Old 11-02-22, 02:41 AM   #3
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The ol sneak in under a surface ship trick is pretty damn handy. Did it once for a total bastard of a specops insert mission in the littorals with ASW patrols all over the show. Fun times.
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