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Icon8 What de hell NATO command

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SHO TMA Stories...

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Mind them dadblamed torpedoes, now! Didn't ya learn nothin' from what happened to all those escorts and support ships?

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HMS Orpheus (S11)
November 25, 1984 at 2000 hours

Conditions: 106dB ambient noise. Rain, fog, high wind.

2000: Arrived at projected point of contact with 2 Alfa-class submarines based on projected course from SOSUS detection.

2012: Ambient noise rendered passive sonar ineffective beyond extremely close ranges. Banged active sonar to lure in Alfas. Two contacts heard.
2013: Launch transient bearing 070

2016-2040: Evaded torpedo. Went to bearing where transient was heard. No contact

2043: Banged active sonar again. Heard second Alfa's launch transient. Went to flank speed to evade

2056: Zeroed in on Alfa. Launched Tigerfish in baffles. Caught before it could accelerate to top speed.

2058: Used active sonar again. Active sonar heard at bearing 277. Launch of enemy rocket heard. Changed course to evade. The torpedo payload failed to lock on.

2125: Contact made with second Alfa. Closed in on baffles.

2129: Tigerfish fired at ~500 yards in baffles. Target attempted to evade and counter launch but was destroyed.

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Wow danger close! Nice kill.

Silence is Golden
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Default Seawolf FTW

This on elite? ok.

Everything's dead but the damn helo keeps dropping buoys even though it has no where to land. Hopefully it doesn't have unlimited bombs/torps.
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