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Default Race of the Cripples

Is there any way to save the Buffalo? I've tried everything, from shadowing her at 250 yards to blowing her off and going my own way.

I've been pulling my hair out on this mission, but I don't want to see the Buffalo condemned to a watery grave.
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Bill Nichols
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Fortunately (?) you can 'pass' in this scenario even if Buffalo goes belly-up.
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Molon Labe
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I have to admit when I played this one, it was before LW/Ami 3 was out, so dealing with the helos will be much harder now.

But, I think your best bet is to rely on the crucial intelligence information you've been given in the brief. The Udaloy is the major threat. Take it out at arm's length and you shouldn't have too much more to worry about. Don't try to take out the choppers until you absoutely have to, at least not before the Udaloy is dead.
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