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Seems the way to get the MOH in SH1 is to always press your attacks home, even when damaged. I started a new career right after December 7th Pearl Harbor through September 1942. Sent to patrol the Caroline Islands near Truck with my T class Boat. Intercepted an unescorted medium convoy shortly after dark, new moon, by radar. I went in for a surface attack,nd hit a large tanker on the South side of the convoy, then turned to pop a few torpedoes into the standard merchant to the North. In the light of the burning taker the 2 large freighters saw my boat and let loose on my ship. I called for periscope depth and flank speed. The shells poured on, and I kept firing torpedoes while hoping to get under. My stern planes were damaged, my sonar heads and deck gun destroyed too. After the ships stopped firing I waited until they were 1500 yards out and set a parallel course for intercepting the large delighted and supply ship. Fired off 1 more torpedo at another ship slinking away and got it. While running flank speed I slowly moved in on the large freighter to take a longer range set of shots - about 1800 yards, at a shallow angle for best luck with my 1942 MK 14 torpedoes. I fired 2 bow tubes at slow speed and a depth of 5 feet, then 2 more at high speed. 2 premature detonation gave us up. The large freighter, the supply ship, and another supply ship all turned hard 180 at me. I turn hard to starboard at flank speed, firing my last forward tube, and then my last stern tubes which weren't damaged, and raced away- shells falling all around us. After effecting some repairs, we got the rear tubes fixed, the stores room hull leak repaired and the sound heads working, but no good fixing the stern planes. We headed for home in the darkness. We received 3 medals, including the MOH for staying in the fight while not being able to dive to safety. That's my guess. We did get almost 30 tons of merchant vessels. Whew.

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