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Default A New Twist With DC torpedoes vs U-Boats

Love the look of the new Destroyer sim sadly can't run it ,, so l dusted off DC and ran custom missions chasing u-boats with depth charges with mix results ,, then decide why not try torps well after getting the depth setting right l got 3 in a row ,, first make contact and get a track ,lock target, try to stay on a parallel course a 1000 yards or less ,, sub must be at periscope depth ,, keep torp panel on auto until you are ready to fire select single fire and 0 angle ,,lock target and padlock locked ,, when ready to fire switch to manual and set torp depth to 60 and fire,, good luck and happy hunting
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DC’s Enemy subs tend linger at periscope depth making them targets for torps and ramming. They linger too long; aggressively trying to get off their own torps. .This depends a bit on the scenario design. They can also be caught on the surface and shelled.
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