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okay its working now - it seems i have to use my CD versions of Aotd and not the old disk version - i seem to have both in my games fodler
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Originally Posted by agathosdaimon View Post
i have followed you instructions a couple times over and the same result every time - if i go to the bridge, the initial screen showing the new front view is there, but as soon as i pan left or right, the whole things crashes

what patch version of AOD is this mod intended for? also are there any specific Dosbox settings needed?

i notice also that the tower bmp files are not actual bmp graphic files are? it does not appear that one can even open them in any graphics program - o tried to open them in ms paint and photoshop, just to see if there is anythign up with them, but none will open - they come up as Invalid format
Right, the mod needs the latest CD version of Aces of the Deep for DOS, that is what it has been tested with. No specific DOSbox settings are needed, it will run on a minimum of cycles on a 486 setting, so nothing to worry about there. I will do some check later to see why the floppy disk version has these issues, but for a better overall experience of AOD, it is still recommended to play the latest patched version.

The BMP files used in AOD are not ordinary BMPs, but a proprietary Dynamix format. Take some minutes to read this whole thread, my included readme, and also this:

Anyway, happy to hear you got it sorted. Let me know if there are any other issues.
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