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von Zelda
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Default Congratulations

Originally Posted by Deep10 View Post
but the strategic map symbols mod, before going across from left to right I get a warning which I can't copy and paste but it says, words to the effect of "activating this mod could adversely affect your game, and it gives a list of files saying they have already been modified by the main Mod".
Congratulations are in order! Keep me posted on your success.

When the Generic Mode Enabler attempts to install a mod, it checks to see if affected files have ever been modified before, thus the warning.

"this mod could adversely affect your game" is a little bit strong. Since you're modifying a mod, you already know you're probably modifying some already modified files. Look over the list just in case anything really major stands out. Go ahead and let the mod install knowing that if you have a crash, you know which mod to take out.

This is why it's a good practice to install only one mod at a time. It's easier to pick out the culprit.

Here's a list of additional mods that I've tried and work. Play the game for awhile, then see if any of these interest you.

nomograph removal
Assuming you have it the on the right side of the Navigation map, I personally don't use it and don't like it. I can give you a manual file change to remove it. Let me know and I'll give you specific directions.

The rest of these mods were created by others so you can easily googled to find them. Let me know if you can't, I can send you a link.

360 degree Bearing Plotter Metric Mod
Previous SH games have a tail on the sub dot on the nav map so it easier to see your subs direction, FotRS does not. I use a low bit, 1500 meter (Metric) bearing plot around the sub dot. Makes it easier to see your direction.

NMMO Reverse Ocean Colors Add-on Mod
Many are of the opinion, shallow water on map should be dark blue and deep should be almost near beige. This mod reverses the map water colors.

Clean and Quiet Map Mod
Stock game and FotRS have a marble, grainy feel to the water that I don't like. This mod removes that grainy, marble effect.

Webster’s 300” Underwater Visibility Mod for v1.5
When I ran FotRS UE, the under water images were near black. I like to see the sub under water.

Webster’s Free Camera-Scope Fix v1.5 Mod
This mod allows you to zoom in on exterior view faster and at a stepper angle.

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