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Old 05-16-15, 10:52 AM   #16
Pacific Thunder
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Don't know how I missed this, what a find. Thanks Neal

....... and yes, Happy Hunting reesha!
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Old 06-02-15, 06:43 AM   #17
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So many memories... thanks Neal

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Old 06-02-15, 09:06 PM   #18
Sea Lord
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Wow. Silent Service was the first game I was ever addicted to. And Wolfpack was so awesome!

I can't believe looking at the graphics now how much I thought they were awesome back then!

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Old 06-03-15, 01:28 AM   #19
Samurai Navy
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Played in and every one of the when they first came out.
When will we ever see these great titles ported over to phones?
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Old 06-03-15, 06:37 AM   #20
Lucky Sailor
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How did I miss this thread!

GNBNA was one of my favorites growing up. I found it for DOSbox a while back, loved playing it again. But since I've since learned more of the battle of the Atlantic, I've realized how monotonous a surface only sim is for the Atlantic. The Germans had a limited combat life, and even if you managed to get a good task force together, it would eventually suffer damage requiring a long overhaul. And then eventually the air war is lost and the ship yards get continually bombed, adding time to the repairs.

For the Allies, You go on a hunt at first, trying to catch and squash the Germans, but after their major surface vessels are defeated/laid up, you become a paper pusher transfering Uboat damaged ships out of convoy duty and back.

But that said, the gameplay is great, the combat sim is pretty good, and the damage control is amazing.

Anybody else have suggestions from this list?
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Old 06-04-15, 07:15 AM   #21
Chief of the Boat
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Some real 'golden oldies' there
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Oh my God, not again!!

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Old 03-08-17, 12:20 PM   #22
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Icon14 Got DAS Boot Running Nicely using Defend Reloaded

Very Nice! I got Das Boot running really great under Defend Reloaded. Advanced Destroyer Simulator not so well, Still need to work on that one! I got ADS working now too. I was loading Ensign16.exe instead of ADS.exe now I'm looking for manuals for both those.

Thanks, Guys!


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Old 07-11-17, 11:02 PM   #23
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Red Storm Rising abandonware

Submarine games:
Let\'s play Hide and Seek\'n\'Destroy!
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Old 07-11-17, 11:21 PM   #24
Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default welcome back!...after a decade!!

Deep6! After a ten-year silent run!

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Old 07-12-17, 02:15 AM   #25
Scattered Aces
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Silent Service first sim game i ever played. Thanks for the memories.
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Old 10-02-17, 12:55 PM   #26
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Default Silent Hunter 1996 online

Hi folks,

I have found another adress playing SILENT_HUNTER_1 (1996) online:

I hope you enjoy!


Subsim since SilentService

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Old 10-02-17, 09:43 PM   #27
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Originally Posted by KarlSteiner View Post

I have found another adress playing SILENT_HUNTER_1 (1996) online:
The link places this thread into an infinite loop.
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Old 03-10-19, 09:14 PM   #28
Mad Mardigan
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SHO Re: Error message for link for ''Silent Service''...

Clicked on the link for Silent Service & got message that it was no longer available at the site... just wanted to let it be known that this was the case.

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Old 03-26-21, 03:10 PM   #29
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Maybe we can add one of the crown jewels as well, Aces of the Deep:
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Old 06-24-21, 04:26 AM   #30
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I think something is missing from this list is 688 Attack Sub that for some reason is not reported anywhere in these forums/website. I will let Neal add the link to his preferred if he thinks 688 Attack Sub is compatible with his list.
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classics, dos games, dosbox, games

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