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Old 02-19-16, 02:00 AM   #61
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Originally Posted by Julian View Post
I downloaded the V1.3 patch for my SH1 V1.00.
I unzipped it.
Went to install it and guess what came up???
That damn Window 7 compatibility 64-bit/32-bit crap again.

It just won't let me get in to install.
Wish there was some way of disabling this Windows 7 compatibility pop up I could just install straight and forward without interference.

Then there is the sound issue.
I'm looking at the instruction sheet and files, I really don't know how to setup the default settings to get sound in the game.
My old Windows XP has a Sound Blaster card in it and was much easier to setup.
But this Realtek HD Audio card, I don't know. There isn't much information as to what setup it requires.

For now I am totally frustrated in trying. I know it's only a minor problem that could be solved at the click of a button, but when a Windows program is telling you what programs you can install or not, then there is a limit to it.
I would like to go back to my old WINDOWS was USER FRIENDLY.

I had the exact same issues as you. No sound other than the intro screens. My copy of Silent Hunter is from a CD-ROM with a Win95 installer for v1.00 of Silent Hunter.

Here's what I did to get it working:

The Win installer actually works in Windows7-64. So I installed it to C:\Games\Silent. Copied over the BUD files and made the previously mentioned change to SHpath.ini BUD =BUD\ At this point the game ran but I never had in-sim sounds.

The way to fix that was to install the v1.3 and v1.31 patches, kindly hosted here in Subsim's SH1 download section. Those updates are old 16-bit installers/extractors, so those EXEs will not run in a modern Windows OSes.

After unzipping the downloaded patch zips in Windows, you will need to copy & paste those files in your Silent Hunter installation folder (C:\Games\Silent for example).

From within the game's install location, drag & drop the SHV13 patch application onto your DOSbox shortcut on your desktop (I use this method to quickly start DOS programs in DOSbox). It will unpack. Then, you will have to run the PATCH.bat file and let it run for a bit to perform the update. Once the PATCH.bat file is finished, you'll be back at the C:> prompt in DOSbox so you can just enter the EXIT command to close it because it is done.

Now you'll unzip the v1.31 patch, copy the SH131 app file over to your silent hunter install folder, then drag and drop that one onto DOSbox shortcut too. It should prompt you for a Y/N permission to overwrite your SH.EXE file. Y and enter to accept. Once it's back to the C prompt, all the installation & updating is done.

Now drag and drop the SETSOUND exe onto your DOSbox shortcut to run the sound setup. For me, the Soundblaster 16 was already selected. It will be that same for you so choose that and then select the next default option that pops up too (Automatic setup iirc) and then it should say it's finished. Highlight "Done" and hit enter to finish.

Now type in SH.EXE at the C prompt to run the game. Or exit the DOSbox prompt and drag & drop the SH app file onto the DOSbox icon again if you don't feel like typing.

Should be good to go with the new updates in there!


PS: My in-game sound absolutely refused to work using SH v1.00, no matter what my Sound settings. The manual values for the SB16 certainly didn't, same as yours. After patching, I didn't even have to enter the values - the game's Setsound program did it just fine.

Note: Since DOSbox is emulating older hardware & software, your actual sound card doesn't make much of a difference in this case (unless it has an issue with DOSbox itself). DOSbox is set, by default, to emulate a Soundblaster16 in it's Settings file.
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Can someone please show me in simple steps how to get SHI to run in D-Fend please?
I have it and SH1 installed but do not understand the instructions.
Thank You
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Old 09-15-21, 07:24 AM   #63
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OK,Ihave got it to the stage where it requests the CD and of course ignores the CD when I insert it into the CD Drive.The problem is the I do not have the sh.ini file/folder and no matter how I look for it on the CD or the installation on the HD,I cannot see it.Could some kind person email it to me ? Thank You
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Old 04-22-22, 09:26 PM   #64
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SHCE works great!
I see some old add-ons can't be run on Win 10 but I'll be able to take care of that problem. Not sure how many people out there still playing SH1 but I'm totally enjoying it!
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Old 04-22-22, 09:53 PM   #65
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Originally Posted by Ragtimer View Post
OK,Ihave got it to the stage where it requests the CD and of course ignores the CD when I insert it into the CD Drive.The problem is the I do not have the sh.ini file/folder and no matter how I look for it on the CD or the installation on the HD,I cannot see it.Could some kind person email it to me ? Thank You

You have to copy the 10.smk file from the CD to the C:\Silent\Bud\ folder. Then it should stop asking for the CD! There is a ShPath.ini that needs editing in the original software!

Christopher Tarana
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Hello guys,
ho do You make photo reckon in Silent Hunter 1? Recently I received radio message about that, I went to harbor and what now?
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Old 02-22-23, 10:52 PM   #67
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This is one of those situations maciejmad, where the ReadMe file helps. Of course, the info is buried in the file though. I have a sheet printed out with some of the ways to complete missions and objectives. This is from the ReadMe though:

PHOTO RECON: You will receive photo Recon missions in campaigns
via a radio transmission. In addition to the radio message a red "T" icon
will appear on the chart screen over the facilities to be photographed.
In order to successfully complete a Photo Recon Mission the sub must
move close enough to the target area. A "red" light, located in the
TBT or Periscope viewing area will indicate the sub is close enough
take a picture. The "TAB" key is used to take the photograph. The
user will know the mission is accomplished when the "T" icon
disappears from the chart screen, which will be accompanied by a voice
and text message stating "Mission completed, sir." Scoring - Each
completed Photo Recon mission is worth 500 points at the 100%
realism setting. NOTE: Photo Recon missions can only be accomplished
during daylight hours. It is best to remain completely zoomed out (1x)
in order to locate the area that needs to be photographed.

LIFE GUARD DUTY: Like the Photo Recon mission, in campaigns,
the user will receive the orders via a radio transmission. As with the Photo
Recon mission, a red "T" icon will appear over the port that will be
bombed by American aircraft. The user can watch the airstrike in
progress while sitting off the coast of the target area. The bomber
group will show up on SD radar, and on the chart screen. After the
airstrike is finished, blue triangle icons will appear indicating the
approximate location of the downed pilots. When the pilots are
spotted the user will receive a voice and text message stating "Downed
Pilot spotted". As the sub closes within 200 yards of the downed
aviator "We're close enough for a rescue, sir!" voice message and text
message will inform the user that the pilot can be extracted. At which
time the sub must slow down to 5 knots or slower and then hit the "E"
key OR the sub can run over the pilot in order to pick him up.
Scoring- each pilot saved is worth 200 points at 100%. NOTE: Pilots
can only last a limited time in the water before being captured or
succumbing to the elements. So it is entirely up to you if one of
America's valiant sons resides with NEPTUNIS REX in his watery domain
or perishes in a prison camp.

Sub vs. Sub will be encountered in the campaign as well as single
scenarios. There are three types of subs, all of which can be seen in
the ship ID book under PATROL CRAFT. NOTE: In single scenarios if the
enemy is elite, the player may find that they are being stalked first.
When firing a torpedo at a Sub do not forget to adjust the depth of the
torpedo using the TDC."
... and remember Jim, if you or any of your Impossible Mission Force are injured or captured, the Secretary will disavow your very existence...

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