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Default I need help determining target course based on visual contact

So i disabled map contacts and i have difficulities in determinging target course based on visual contacts,i usually mark 2 bearings which are taken in 3 minutes and then mark it on the map based on my watchmen is estimation.But i dont know if it is the right way ,because it seems to be little inaccurate
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Default Welcome aboard!

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Do a bit of visual imagination...

Two absolute items that you know
- your course
- Scope bearing of the target.

and approximate..
- AOB of the target

With practise you can determine the Angle On Bow (AOB) of the target.
IOW, the bearing that the target would see you.

A simple thought experiment.

- you're traveling North (000 degrees)
- the target is at a bearing of 315 (45 degrees port/left)
- The AOB is 45 degrees (starboard/right)

You target course is your course + (Bearing + AOB) = 000 + 045 + 045 = 90 (East).
With a bit of practise in 'compass' mental gymnastics is becomes as easy as pie.
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