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Default Comment or my 2 cents

I was feeling a bit nostalgic tonite and fired up an old install I had, on my computer. CCoM12 with the "DGUI_1920x1080_for_CCOM12_ProPo" GUI. WOW, hadn't played that in quite a while. I mostly play 2 of the newer MODS, available, OneAlex and NYGM Enhanced Hard Core. I had forgot'n how beautiful the harbors were in CCoM12, and then remembered, awl shoot, the locks at Wilhelmshaven. My technics kicked in and I made it through with no problems. The locks can be a pain because you haf the work right from the start to get to sea and then work that extra, last mile to get home after a tough patrol. If ya get the itch to set up another install of SHIII, from a few years back, I highly recommend either CCoM12 or WAC5.2. WAC5.2 is also beautiful. Both have moving cranes and WAC5.2 has moving trains. You might need to tinker with these a bit on the initial set-up, but it's not too bad, and doable. Hey, I did it. After all, SHIII is not just a sim, it's a hobby. Thought I share this and if ya haven't passed through locks, you gotta give it a shot. I know 99% of the sim is warfare at sea, but I do like the whole total package that these 2 MODS offer.
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I would echo your thoughts on CCoM12, the talented band of Silent Hunter Modders have produced some exquisite content for every taste.

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