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Default Font Help

Just in case someone can help me out with this.

I noticed that KSD2 had a really nice font when you load up the game. After some digging I realized it was the font "Trajan Pro" which comes default, but isn't active in the "ini" file.

So ...

I managed to activate it in the "ini" for my FotRSU install and also managed to change the font for the medal presentation to a Trajan Pro style that looks really nice.

So now I figured I'd try and get some of the other fonts to change to other styles as well. Why not, right?

I now managed to change many of the fonts to some sort of "typewriter" style for many of the menues and announcements using the various sizes of the "FPHunt" font.

The problem is with the radio messages that come up on the log/clipboard during patrol. It's not the only one, but the main one that's kicking me right now.

No matter what I do or change in the "ini" file with respect to the clipboard, I still can't change the font for the messages that come across within it.

I realize the german stuff is different since it's farther down with a font that resembles pencil-written messages. That's not a problem to change. The problem seems to be finding where the font value is located in order to then change it to swap out the font for the American messages.

Right now the top of the clipboard where the date and the other things are displayed has a nice "typewriter"-style font (mostly FPHunt15) that looks good, but the messages in the "box" that come from the "messages.txt" file is still the "default" font that looks "boxy" to me.

Any ideas would be welcome. I'm just hoping it's not one of those "hard-coded" things they decided to do for expediency of release like they did with the awards qualifications.


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Good work!

Also I want to see a typewriter font in the messages and log papers.... I made some time ago some test without success...

Best regards.


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I figured it out -- finally!

Just incorporated it into the Beta 3 version of the BuPers Mod posted in the "BuPers 2" thread since I can't figure out a way to change the title of that thread.


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