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Default Status of SH5 with Ubisoft

Hi All,

As of now there appear to be 2 issues impacting SH5 players:

1. Ubisoft’s announcement that it is pulling DLC and deactivating multiplayer for selected games, including Silent Hunter 5.

This has no impact on owners playing their purchased copies, nor does it impact the purchase of the game. This also goes for Steam copies.

2. Recent Ubisoft Connect updates are no longer compatible with Windows 7.

If you still use Windows 7 and are getting an error when launching the game due to Ubisoft Connect, your upc.exe is no longer compatible. Use this version instead

Delete your upc.exe in the Ubisoft Connect folder and copy/paste the version above into the folder, removing everything after "exe". Back this up in an easy-to-find place so you can place it in your Ubisoft Connect folder again if/when Ubisoft updates Connect again.

Hope that clears up confusion going forward. Happy hunting!

Moderators - can you please sticky this thread? Thanks!
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derstosstrupp, does this supercede THEBERBSTER's link for Uplay Download Version Fix For SH5 And TWoS do you think, or maybe "In Addition To"?? Maybe apply THEBERBSTER's fix first, then what you have??

I am having trouble with the Steam / Ubisoft integration on a Win7 platform with TWoS, in that my Win7 SH5 game is Steam, and when I start it in Steam, it goes through the Steam loading process, then into the UConnect, back to Steam, then bombs. Re-start and I can play, but this is upwards of a 15 minute process, while this online &%#$ "update" as they "load"... I definitely agree that your post should be stickied, but you might have to try to "disguise" the executable file by renaming it something innocuous and then zipping it for those who have a strong scanner. I did not have troubles with Windows Denfender and Vivaldi though... also, maybe put it on SubSim for that "just-in-case" scenario.

Edit 1115... Well, as far as I am concerned now, after further attempts to get things going, I will never do another Steam or Ubisoft game, nor will I do Windows 11 on the laptop. That unholy triumvirate of MSUbiSteam can take a flying leap off the nearest cliff in excess of 300m height... Nothing Steam or Ubisoft runs on my Win7, nor Win11, so I am rolling Win11 back to Win10. A waste of over two days time trying to get things to run on it on an 11th gen core i7 with 8gig of system RAM. Talk about bloatware - all three of these corporations apps. Double and triple "authentication" checks that do nothing but waste time and don't function in the case of steam AND ubi on win11... I wash my hands of their bull$#!+ hockey.

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