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Default Fix for most Fighting Steel graphics issues

I don't know if anyone has posted this here somewhere, but I have found a fix for the major Fighting Steel graphics issues on modern OS/graphics drivers. I've played a couple of scenarios, and the mouse trail, missing ships, and most other issues are gone. There is still a little graphics corruption if you get the camera close to the wake/turn arrows, but it's fairly minor.

Check this out:

I just downloaded the 2.52 version, and used the Directx option with a GeForce Ti 4800 emulation. Honestly there weren't too many options that had to be changed besides the video card emulation/dropping the provided Directx files into the Fighting Steel folder.

Edit: fixed the link

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sounds great but the link is broken
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I did not notice a difference on my computer back when I tried it... whenever that was...

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// Graphics Fix - install dgVoodoo2 :
copy the following files: dgVoodoo.conf, dgVoodooCpl.exe and all the files from the x86 folder inside the MS folder (don't leave them in the x64 and x86 folders)... move them into the main SFC3 folder.
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