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Default Help with water not looking to nice.

Ohoy guys, I just reinstalled the game and removed my old mod soup for Sobers mega mod but the water has a new look and I cant figure out why.

Here is my mod soup:

Accurate German Flags
sobers game loading tips V8 SH5
Das Boot Departure Theme
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2.2 Patch
DynEnv v2.9 - 1. Main Mod
DynEnv v2.9 - 12. Sounds
DynEnv v2.9 - 2. Main Mod Low Resolution Patch
Water reflections intensity varied by available sunlight by TheDarkWraith
sobers smoke screen V1 SH5 (DynEnv compatible)
sobers water splash anim SH5
sobers best ever fog V22 SH5
sobers better terrain v4 SH5
sobers more trees SH5
sobers storm Clouds v1 SH5
Fuel Gauge WoGaDi_SteelViking's Interior
Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1 (available by date) V9 by sober
EUF_UBoat_FX_v0_0_3_ byTheBeast
SH5 Longer Repairs v.1.01
FX_Update_0_0_22_Torpedoes (modified for torpedoes failure patches)
HydrophoneFollowNearestContactFix_For_NewUIs_TDC_7 _1_0_To_7_5_0
Submarine's .sim&cfg (modified for engine ratio + independent control patches).7z
Sjizzle's - Charts for NewUIs part1_07.06.2013
Manos Scopes-patch for 16x9
R.E.M_by_Xrundel_TheBeast_1.2 - no hyd on surface - NewUIs-IRAI compatible
Depth Charge Fix Reduced Explosion Range
Cerberus62 Corrected Depth Charge Projector 1.0
silentmichal's interior mod 1.2.4
R.S.D. - Reworked Submarine Damage v5.4 by vdr1981
R.S.D. & R.E.M. - GHG Hydrophone add-on (no hyd on surface)
R.S.D. v5.4 - Indestructible UZO patch
SkyBaron's Leigh Light for SH5 1.1
Expanded Navies by Cybermat47 v.1.0.01
Reworked Morale and Abilities v.1.1
MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 Alt faces
Speech fixes and additions (english version)
RPM Hydrophone v2.2.1
sobers green crew training V4 SH5
TDW FX Fix for Sobers chimney smoke
sobers Lights Cfg V5 SH5
Trevally Tutorials - All v0.2 (for TDW UI)
Trevally Automated Scripts v0.6
Trevally Harbour & Kiel Canal Pilot v3.1
Trevally TDC Help v2
Patrolsearch autoscriptsV03
MadMaxs_SH5_Subdiesel (mono) v2
sobers hud sounds V1 SH5
sobers no footstep sound mod
sobers Realistic contrast V7 SH5
EQuaTool 01.01 by AvM - Large Style
Warfox deck crew always whispering SH5 German Version
gap - HD 1 deg Scope Bearing v 1.0
sobers bad weather deck gun V5 SH5
sobers map colors SH5 V1
German U-Boat Crew Language Pack
Popular German Music From The 30´s
DynEnv v2.9 - 5.c Ambient Settings - Darker Nights-No Murky Waters
sobers realistic underwater FX6 SH5
Church's Compass Dials Mod v2.2 - Option Two
sobers base sky mechanics V1
sobers waves mod V12 27032013
stoianm pitch&roll for SH5 V1 (normal)

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