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[REL] gap - PVC Floor

  • Description: PVC Floor v 1.1 for Silent Hunter 5

  • Author: gap

  • About this mod: a tiny mod for eye candy that has been waiting on my HD for a long time before being packed for release. It replaces metal U-boat floors, featured in stock game, with PVC floors as seen in current day’s U-995 museum ship at Laboe:

    I doubt that this is the original floor used during boat’s service with Kriegsmarine, but MiTon ensured me that PVC flooring was especially developed for naval use prior to WWII.

    The mod is available in three versions: “main mod” (gray floor with warm tone light reflections), “blue version” (bluish floor) and “green version” (greenish floor). See below for further details on the installation of each version.

  • Changelog:

    • v 1.1
    - replaced stock footstep sounds with softer, lower-pitched ones;
    - added a new alternative floor color: “green version”.

    • v 0.1, pre-release:
    - changed floor_metal texture;
    - changed floor normal map accordingly;
    - included “blue version” as alternative floor color.

  • Compatibility:
    - compatible with any version of Silent Unter 5 and any major sub interior mod;
    - it should be also compatible with previous games of the Silent Hunter series.

  • Known bugs:
    during beta testing, sporadic fps hit have been recorded, though it was not possible to ascertain wether they were directly related with the usage of this mod.

  • Installation:
    - install JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler if you have not done it yet, and configure it to the SH5 installation path (detailed instructions on how to configure it found here);
    - look into your main <Silent Hunter 5> installation folder for a subfolder called <MODS> and create if it is not there;
    - unzip the main mod, called <gap - PVC Floor v 0.1 for SH5 – main mod>, and and drop it as it is into the <MODS> folder;
    - enable it after any sub interior mod, using JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler;
    - • optional: unzip “blue version” or “green version” in <MODS> folder and enable it after the main mod.

  • Acknowledgements:
    - MiTon for directing me to the panoramic views of U-995’s interior that I got inspired from, for providing me with historical information, and for beta testing;
    - Stoianm and everyone else who commented on this mod on subsim forum, for their suggestions and for beta testing.
    - A special thank to GT182 for being the unwitting inspirer of the new footstep sounds.

  • Disclaimer:
    - this package is not related to or supported by UBISOFT© nor it is intended for any commercial use;
    - the author of this package takes no responsibility for any damage occurred to the data in your computer due to its use.
    - feel free to redistribute this package for free as long as you do not alter it in any part, including this readme;
    - feel free to use this package -as a whole or in part- for your own freely distributed mod, as far as you acknowledge its author.

Get it HERE, or by clicking on the above banner


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