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[REL]SKIN: SH5 Type-VIIC - North Atlantic Grime - by TheBeast

[REL]SKIN: SH5 Type-VIIC - North Atlantic Grime - by TheBeast - June, 20, 2010

This MOD is JSGME ready!

This MOD changes the SH5 U-Boat Type-VIIC Stock and Albrecht Skins. Eye Candy!

Danevang - This Skin is using Danevangs: Shadow Maps.
Naights - This Skin is using a slightly modified version of Naights: Rusty Weathered Deck.
JSGME - FreeWare JoneSoft Generic MOD Enabler
DXTBmp - FreeWare Graphics Manipulator used to open DDS files and export image to your Graphics Editor in BMP format.
PaintDotNet - FreeWare Graphics Editor Application used to create this Skin.
GoblinEditorApp - Used to quickly view image changes on the actual Submarine Model without loading entire game.


How to use GoblinEditorApp to quickly view skin changes.
  1. Create your MOD Folder and Sub-Folder structures.
  2. Copy the files for the MOD from existing files to your MOD. e.g. Copy from "<Game_Folder>\Data\Textures\TNormal\Tex\Uboat7c_S" to your MOD folder "<Mod_Name>\Data\Textures\TNormal\Tex\Uboat7c_Stru".
  3. Now use JSGME to enable the MOD so it copies all files from your MOD folder back into the game.
  4. Use DXTBmp to Open the MOD'ed file from the games folder structure for editing. e.g. "<Game_Folder>\Data\Textures\TNormal\Tex\Uboat7c_S" (This will not change the game files when changes are saved because JSGME has already created a backup of the original file(s) when you enabled your MOD.)
  5. Edit your skin and save changes back to "<Game_Folder>\Data\Textures\TNormal\Tex\Uboat7c_S"
  6. Start GoblinEditorApp and load the appropriate Model. e.g. "<Game_Folder>\Data\Submarine\NSS_Uboat7c\NSS_Uboa t7c.GR2". Because the edited file is in the games file structure, GoblinEditorApp will display your changes. If you need to make adjustments, xontinue editing and save your changes and simply hit F-9 in GoblinEditorApp to ensure the changes are displayed correctly.
NOTE: GoblinEditorApp only displays the Starter Skin. If you want to make a Conning_7C_01_Albrecht skin, you would edit the Conning_7C_01 starter skin and rename it to Conning_7C_01_albrecht when finished.

NOTE: When finished editing, be sure to save changes to your MOD folder structure. If your do not do this and you disable the MOD in JSGME, you will lose all the changes you did.

GoblinEditorAPP does not display the Conning Tower skin correctly if Conning Tower model is Merged with Hull model. You must load the Conning Tower Model only to view the skin on it.

WARNING: Only you are responsible for any changes you make. If you are not certain about using this method as described above, You should only edit files in your MOD's folder and use JSGME to Enable/Disable the MOD to view changes you have made.


Image captured from GoblinEditorApp

Image Captured from in Game.
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