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Best Graphic Improvements for SH3

This is kind of a hybrid SH3/5 post, but hopefully here is as good a place as any to post it.

I just got a better laptop, with a proper graphics card, instead of some crummy integrated thing, and after years on SH3 (with a lot of realism mods & NYGM) I've decided to buy SH5.

I've installed a load of sobers mods, and although they are fantastic, and the visual effects are fantastic too, I am not liking the control interface of SH5 or the overall playability of it at all. Now I realise the comments a lot of people have made about SH3 being the game of the series playability wise.

Question: Which mods can install to either:
a)Make SH3 look the best it can possibly look (preferably retaining NYGM)
b)Make SH5 more controllable like SH3, and simplify the ridiculous amount of on-screen controls.

I'm keeping an open mind here, and I'm not slating SH5, or the insane amount of work that must have gone into Sobers mega mod, its just a bit of a shift in terms of game style.

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You can use The Dark Wraith's New_UIs mod and get your choice of SH3, SH4, or modified SH5 style UI, and you can tailor which portions of the UI are always visible and which pop up on mouseover. I prefer an SH3 UI, with everything normally hidden, so that I get the full visual impact of the SH5 graphics. YMMV. And there are other GUIs too, like the MaGUI from SH3. You can have pretty much any controls you want.
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graphics, sh3, sh5

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