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Old 05-28-09, 11:48 AM   #31
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im actually running the RC 7100 of Windows 7, (the version of windows thats going to replace Vista) and im happy to report that on my system, SH4 with TM 1.7 overhaul and RSRD installed, the game runs better in windows 7 than in vista. I am betting 10 fps more. Im not benchmarker, but i do know when i see improvement. So if any of you guys out there are ho-humming about the new version of windows, you may want to look a little harder, because most of my games see a definite improvement in frames per second.
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Old 06-05-09, 09:06 AM   #32
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Glad to see you guys found Vista 32 has no problems with SH4...

One thing, I run Vista32.. like it... But install all my games into C:\Games on Vista to avoid the nasty ProgramsFile folder and rights...

SHIV runs fine from Games folder... except one thing...
You MUST install to Default to play ONLINE!

I play online some/alot... and found if your runing Vista32 and DO NOT let it default install in Programs File folder...
well, you will KICK everyone online your playing with once one of your torpedo's hit something..
You will stay connected..but no one else will..

It's not them... it's the install in Games Directory..

We tested this over and over.. tis true..
Once installed in default...all play well together online..
I know it sounds strange..but it's true..
it does not matter if you Host the game or Join one.

So I am assuming those that did install under C:\Games instead of default folder do not play online?
Try a game over at to test the results.

If you never plan on playing online..C:\games works fine.. go figure..

Mine works fine using default install.. Only game I own that I do install to default on Vista!
and I use many different mod setups with no problems.. Just make sure to install as admin..
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Old 08-05-09, 06:32 PM   #33
Join Date: Apr 2005
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For those curious about Windows 7, I'm currently running the Release Candidate Build 7100 of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

Here is the Computer:
Gigabyte GA-MA780FXT-UD5P
AMD Phenom II X4 945 Processor Overclocked to 3.525 GHz (from 3.00 GHz)
8 Gigs of GSK Gaming Memory running 8-8-8-21 timings
Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 4870 2GB (256 bit, GDDR5)
Zalman GS-1000 Case
Zalman ZM1000-hp 1000W PSU
WD 7200 RPM 1 TB HDD
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Underload she runs cool and the game plays AMAZINGLY. For those of you waiting for Windows 7 it is a HUGE step above Vista. Previously I was running SH4 1.5 on Vista 64 bit and this is a much better rig than my previous one but the game runs very smoothly. If you can wait and can afford Windows 7 it will be worth every penny!
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Old 09-22-09, 06:42 AM   #34
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I read your post and I really want to play games on my windows vista. I think this information will be useful for me. Everybody like this. You have given really very good information on SH4 and Vista Installation. Thank you very much for sharing this information with us. You have done a great job so keep doing good work.
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Old 01-25-10, 10:13 AM   #35
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Minnesota
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Greetings all! I'm finally getting back into SH4 1.5 after a very long hiatus. However, I have a problem. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and when I run SH4, the 2 opening movies load and play fine...everything thereafter is black but I can hear sound. Anyone know of a reason and/or a fix for this?

To be clear, I have gone by the "normal" installation methods since others seem to have done ok by doing so. Just wondering if I should reinstall again using the main method prescribed in the original post...

**EDIT** it all figured out. ;-) Missed a bit of tweaking on the video card.

Last edited by odinfish; 01-25-10 at 12:22 PM.
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Old 02-06-10, 08:13 PM   #36
CDR Resser
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Submerged ahead
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Running SHIV 1.5, JSGME, TMO and RSRD on my ASUS laptop with Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate with no issues so far.

Respectfully Submitted;
CDR Resser

Holy Equestrian Order of Saint John Moses
Sometimes, in war, there is an inverse moral. The greater the performance, the harsher the consequence. R.H. O'Kane
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Old 02-07-10, 06:55 PM   #37
Samurai Navy
Join Date: May 2007
Location: cfgdatsimZOMGddstgasns
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Just re-installed my rig with Windows7 64bit.

For those of you who try to port old game installs into a new OS, then good news. After re-install of windows 7, I found I needed to...

1/ Re-install JSGME (this allowed JSGME to locate a mods folder)
2/ Set JSGME to run with admin privelages. (Under JSGME.exe properties tab)
3/ Run SH4.exe
4/ re-configure options such as reality level, graphics options.
5/ Play.

Didnt even need to re-install any mods. No registry entries needed. Completed one patrol with no issues.
"6 days into his patrol, the first enemy ship was spotted... a trawler...

...It was at this point, Captain AkbarGulag realised how green his crew was..."

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Old 02-27-10, 09:26 AM   #38
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Default Thank you

Thank you
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Old 03-22-10, 05:29 PM   #39
Posts: n/a

Vsita and win 7 users should install jsgme as administrator or it may not ask to create a mod folder.
Seen it happen several times.
Rule of thumb, vista and 7, always install everything as administrator.
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Old 05-06-11, 04:48 PM   #40
Navy Dude
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Downunder W.A. Sth.of the River
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I'm running SH4 & SH5 on Win7 64-Bit Ultimate without any problems.
Run Silent Run Deep!!!!
01.NSM4 Classic/.RFB v.1.52.1024+Patches
02.RFB Radar HotFix/RSRDC_RFBv15_V420+Patch2
03.Sobers_Better_Rocks & Sand
06.ROW Sound effects.v.9/Enviromental 5.0
O/S Win10 Pro 64-Bit/Intel 64xQuad Core
CPU i7-4790+3.60 Ghz 32gig RAM
nVidia GeForce GTX-1650 Ti
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Old 09-18-11, 11:37 PM   #41
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Originally Posted by Bish0p View Post
Vsita and win 7 users should install jsgme as administrator or it may not ask to create a mod folder.
Seen it happen several times.
Rule of thumb, vista and 7, always install everything as administrator.

thanks for the info!
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Old 10-05-11, 01:47 PM   #42
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Default Win 7 SH4 keyboard issues

I'm having some issues with my keyboard commands on Win 7.

I'm running a brand new MacBook Pro 17 with bootcamp and Win 7 Enterprise edition with SH4 Gold 1.5, and some of the keys seemed to have been randomly remapped. The all stop key "~" does not work and now the rudder amid ships key " ' " has become the all stop?!? This happens even before any MODS are installed, and the only one I use is the OHIO SSBN one.

I looked at the commands.cfg file and all the keys are assigned correctly in there.

I have done three total uninstalls and clean reinstalls also deleting any leftover SH4 and Ubisoft folders before install. The final install that I just did, I assigned it to install in the root of the C: drive so that it would not be in the programs folder as I saw in another threat that this sometimes caused problems.

Previously I had been running the same version of SH4 on an older MacBook pro 17 with XP as the OS and there were no problems.

I would appreciate any help in getting this sorted so I can happily continue playing SH4.

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Old 11-27-11, 01:01 PM   #43
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Default Problems with RSRD and Windows 7

I seem to be having trouble with RSRD and Windows 7. I perform the following steps
1) Uninstall everything
2) Run a registry sweep to make sure everything is uninstalled
3) Install SH4 as the administrator in C:\\UBISOFT\SH4 or C:\\Program Files (x86)\SH4 (I've done it in both places, with the same crash)
4) Install 1.5 UBoat mission update
5) Install JSME as administrator and create the MOD folder
6) Do fresh install (in order) of RFB 2.0, RFB 2.0 Patch 23 April 2010, RSRDC_RFB_V575 and RSRD_V5xx_Patch1. (Note: I've also done the Trigger Maru +RSRD, with the same results)
7) Start the career game
8) Suffer crash in career mode

The crash happens almost immediately, and seems to only be in career mode. When I de-activate RSRD, the game appears to load normally, ie, no crashes in career mode.

I'm running an HP 230f, 8 GB RAM, 3.2 GB quad processorWindows 7/64 bit OS with ATI Radeon HD5570 video card. All driver software is up to date.

Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?
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Old 12-12-11, 01:36 AM   #44
Join Date: Jan 2009
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Hey guys I have a good question, in regards to the windows 7 32 bit is it recommended to install it in the program files ? or do the same with vista 32 root folder first?
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Old 12-12-11, 04:26 AM   #45
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Botosani, Romania
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@larsonboram yes, is works better (to me)
@StevenLohr try download again mods, maybe one of them is corupt, they works for me and i have win7/64 and almost same configuration except videocard
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