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Old 01-27-17, 12:28 AM   #61
Ocean Warrior
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Ahhh, 1997... I was 19 back then.. In my second year in the Norwegian army, still young and wild. Pumpin`those heavy beats only the 90`s could produce out my car window as I was cruising around the streets looking for cute girls Not a worry in the world, and still believing I would live forever & be invincible
On the rig I had Silent Service 2 and FS98..Could probably run those games on my cell phone nowadays. Man, time passes fast... Hey guys: Remember to live a bit in your life!! I know I will!! Before you know it, you are stuck on a retirement home, eating pudding while watching stupid gameshows on TV!

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Old 01-27-17, 12:46 AM   #62
Kaye T. Bai
Samurai Navy
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In 1997, I just was a wee lad at the time. I didn't even have internet access or a computer yet.
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Old 01-27-17, 12:47 AM   #63
Commander Wallace
Silent Hunter
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Welcome to Subsim White Elf and Xurf

I joined Subsim in 2012, not all that long ago. I had purchased a number of PC games which as of today, have yet to be opened. Silent hunter was one that I did open which led me to Subsim.

I thought I was joining a community of people connected with sub simulations. Instead, I found a community of people from all over the world who brought to the forums their own unique perspectives on the issues of the day. People who also brought their collective intelligence, gifts, experiences and many talents to the table. The discussions here can range from music to politics, cars to computers and software, current events not to mention the every day issues of life. Many others have posted humorous pictures, jokes and anecdotes that gave us all a much needed laugh.

We have all celebrated your achievements and victories that you shared with us and also grieved with you, your various losses. I have learned a great deal by your posts, threads and many discussions.

Happy Birthday to Subsim and Congratulations to Neal on his stewardship. Congratulations as well to the many members who frequently participate in Subsim. All of you help make Subsim the Vibrant community it is.

I hope you all enjoy the next 20 years and beyond.

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Old 01-27-17, 01:05 AM   #64
Silent Hunter
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The titles that brought me to subsim were Silent Hunter 2 and Sub Command. Played them mostly during weekends at the dorm...
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Old 01-27-17, 01:09 AM   #65
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First of all,
Congrats SubSim and to you Neal. Amazing achievement, and amazing accomplishment.
Now to business...
1997, whew, boy.
Went into my freshmen year of high school.
Got suspended for telling my English teacher that Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet was an *******.
Got cut from the basketball team and got into theatre, which ended up determining the course of the rest of my life. (I'm a screenwriter now, still determined to sell a realistic account of American fleetboats in WW2, which is hard in this market of Marvel hero blockbuster garbage).
Had my first dumped by my first girlfriend...
All while still being 4 years away from my first experience with SH2, a life changing experience...
Cheers to you, SubSim. Thank you for being there for all these years.
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Old 01-27-17, 01:32 AM   #66
Join Date: May 2010
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I graduated from college, and started my flight instruction career.

Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
My Mod Soup and System Specs.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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Old 01-27-17, 01:33 AM   #67
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97' I turned 22 kicked out of my parents home, into a place of my own and had my first child, with my then girlfriend and now wife.I didn't find Subsim for another couple of years with the release of SH2/DC, which brought me into a whole new world and introduced me to a bunch of strange characters. Its thanks to Neal and his vision for a meeting place of like minded people that has enabled me to become the person i am today and in the place where I will never see snow (unless i go on vacation).
So my hat of to Mr Stevens and to the community he created
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Old 01-27-17, 01:38 AM   #68
Bilge Rat
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Default One of the best years of my Life

1997 was when my daughter was born. It is her 20th Anniversary as well!

Congrats! Thanks for your work on the site!
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Old 01-27-17, 01:51 AM   #69
Watch Officer
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Entire 1997 I was busy building my (former) recording studio:


WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - upcoming mobile U-boat simulation for iOS (later Mac, PC, Linux) • subsim forumfacebook
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Old 01-27-17, 02:41 AM   #70
Lt. Staumeier
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Sweden
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Christ, 1997? Well, I was a wee laddy, only 16 years old, so I was moving out from my home and moved 400 km to another city to attend high school. I was happily dating a girl named Caroline and I had two cats, Mimmi and Smulan (Breadcrumbs).

That was most likely the biggest thing that happened to me in that year. Oh, and I changed my haircut. The one I had had since I was a child. Good lord, that's a long time ago. My only subsim experience up until that point was GATO for the old IBM DOS computer. Played it to death on our IBM 5150 with a green monochrome monitor.
"Shoot at everything that moves. If it doesn't move, shoot it anyway, it might move later."
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Old 01-27-17, 03:45 AM   #71
Theodor Christensen
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Default 1997 ? A good year

1997 was the year I choose to get out of cover and surface from the womb It be only a week and a year since my day of comission as a humanbeing and I have been proud to serve ever since
Looking forward to see you guys out there! Stay salty sailors
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Old 01-27-17, 04:00 AM   #72
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Default Happy Birthday!

20 years... doesn't time fly when your lurking on subsim forums. Congratulations and happy 20th birthday, wow I've been a member for nearly 12 of those years now.

1997, Hmm around that time I was in business partnership running a game company with my brother for old fashion multiplayer games called "Play By Mail", the web was starting to take off and I started learning web development (wow those images on the first page really take me back).

Games I was playing at that time... Hmm Ages Of Empires - Wow those weekend all nights and pizza were a blast, also a little of dungeon keeper, I also think Quake 2 was out about then too.

However, I keep coming back to Sub games, can't wait for the new UBOOT & the new Wolfpack game your involved with, going to be a blast.

Here's to another 20 years! Well done!

Down Periscope!
Fire 1
Fire 2

All the best
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Old 01-27-17, 04:17 AM   #73
Ace of the Deep
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What was i doing 20 years ago? umm I can't even remember what I did yesterday, lol.

Happy Birthday Subsim.
Windows 7, 64bit. Phenom II 965BE (OC 4cores @ 3.8 Ghz).
Radeon HD4870 (1gb gddr5). 6gb Ram.
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Old 01-27-17, 04:19 AM   #74
Bilge Rat
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In 1997 i was an extremely curious 7 year old - most memorbal thing that year was visiting an airshow at RAF fairford - one of thr main guest there giving talks was buzz aldrin i was massively in to anythung spacr themed at the time - its what happened at the end of the day that is memorable - at the end of the day when buzz was leavig the base and drriving through the poorly directed crouds and i wanted to wave at him so 7 year old me gets the bright idea to run out in front of the car and wave at him. This makes him slam down on the breaks narrowly avoiding me and shout something to the effect of get that damn kid out out of the way. - i got a good trlling off for that but i didnt realise what id done was wrong.

Tldr 7 year me nearly got run over by the second man on the moon
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Old 01-27-17, 04:47 AM   #75
Join Date: Sep 2007
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Happily married to the love of my life who has now passed away due to illness. Folks enjoy every day and every minute with the ones you love because life has a way of kicking you in the ass when you least expect it.

Was selling custom built PC's out of my basement.

Thank you sub sim for being subsim, and thank you to all my fellow mates all of which have their own unique stories and of course, thank you for the submarine posts and mods.
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