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gear Another way with one problem to solve.

So I didn't want to disable UAC and the whole windows task seemed crazy... So I tapped into running SH4.exe from cmd.exe run as administrator.

What works:
- You get a shortcut
- Launches the game in the foreground

What sorta doesn't work"
- You end up with the SH4 folder that is usually in your %USER%/Documents located in C:/. In other words, your user config is now in c:/SH4. Small price to pay?

Ok so this is how I did it.
1. Create a shortcut to cmd.exe on your desktop.
2. Open up the shortcut "Properties" and make the following changes.
a. Where it says "Target", add /c and then the path to your SH4.exe. So for me it the target now looks like;
%windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c "C:\somedir\Ubisoft\SilentHunterIV_WotP\sh4.ex e"
b. Click the "Advanced" button and check "Run as Administrator"
c. (optional but coolness) Click the "Change Icon..." button. Navigate to your SH4 install directory and select SH4.exe. This will allow you to pick the icon.
d. (just cause) Change the "Start In" to some directory other than the default one. I just don't like the idea of leaving the default one that was set when you created the shortcut because I am no Windows Admin and I don't know what it does.

Things I tried to solve the whole C:/SH4 deal.
1. I tried changing the "Start In" to the Documents location for the user I log in as. This is where you normally find the SH4 dir with your user config and whatnot.
2. Giving permissions to the user Documents directory to the Administrator account.
3. Explicitly moving to the the user Documents directory before starting the program.

So far all of these have failed to create the desired result. Maybe someone with a little more Windows admin experience can figure this out.

I am no security expert but I don't think this is any less secure than using a running task. Surely it must do something similar. The admin privilege only exists while the game runs. Certainly it is better than disabling UAC on the whole system.

Hope this helps.
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Default Welcome back!

tillywern! after a 15 year silent run since 2006! great second post!
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