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U-Boot Spezial Cocktail......neidisch?
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Default such wow many sub

Welcome to subsim
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Welcome Aboard Colombian
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Default welcome aboard!

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Originally Posted by CybrSlydr View Post
I noticed something similar with flight Sims. After Falcon 4.0, they kind of disappeared until recently with DCS. Space Sims disappeared too until the X-series. Now we have possibly the greatest one ever in Star Citizen/Squadron 42. Around $55 million raisedb- and all we have is a playable demo of a few ships.

I think a kickstarter could do well - look at Warhorse studios Kingdom Come - a non-magical medieval RPG. As long as the word got out, but I haven't the faintest idea of how much of a budget a modern WWII subsim would run - obviously in the millions or tens of millions.
Well, if space sims can be used as a benchmark, it would seem that these niche genres are in a float-and-sink cycle. The X-series was for a long time the sole noteworthy survivor of the genre, and now we're having a massive revival.

It should really be pointed out that crowdfunding like Kickstarter can be a double-edged sword though. Many of those, even those started by people that are quite well-known beforehand, have laughably bad team management (Mighty No.9 and the Dina disaster that's still ongoing) and/or questionable practices (Star Citizen and its increasingly ridiculous pledge prices). There's an inherent risk in this sort of thing, and that's before asking the question of "is the subsim niche market big enough to fund one".
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Default Sub Sims

The only way I can see a SubSim going back to it's glory days of thousands of players online at any given time, is when a Destroyer Command type of game is integrated into the SubSim's. Such as was done with SHII.
While the graphics have certainly improved greatly, it is obvious to me (IMHO) that players prefer to battle against each other in a predator vs hunter type scenario which the introduction of a FULLY controllable Destroyer would provide that human vs human action...Just my two cents on the situation..LOL
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