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Default Total War Warhammer III

Total War Warhammer III

Anyone going to buy it when its released in February ive already bought the first two games looking forward to the Third one

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Bumping this one, now that the game has been out for a while.

I'm a massive fan of the series, and especially Warhammer 2, which surprisingly became my top Total War title, and I've played them all (aside from the first two). No TW title compares to WH2 for replyability, due to how unique each and every faction is.

So I had been looking forward to Warhammer 3. But when it released, the word on the street was not good, with the campaign especially marked out for derision. So I waited. If the campaign is poor, might as well wait for Immortal Empires.

That came out a couple months ago, Immortal Empires, a campaign that stitches together all factions and maps from all three Warhammer games. Epic campaign. When that dropped I picked up Warhammer 3.

And while IE is everything we expected it to be, I have to also say that I rather like the first campaign, Realm of Chaos. Yeah, it's a different sort of thing, not sandbox, and I can understand some won't care for it. But I liked it fine. CA obviously wants to address the typical TW late game map painting steamroller play, and did so in WH2 with the Vortex campaign. Realm of Chaos is a different sort of take, but with the same sort of goals, and I reckon rather succeeds. I do think that playing Kislev was a great choice and maybe I wouldn't have liked it as much with a different faction, hard to say.

But overall I think WH3 is a great addition to the series. There are many quality of life improvements, and new mechanics. It will take some time before it dethrones WH2 for me, after all WH2 is a much more mature and robust game, but WH3 will probably overtake it in time, if it gets the same sort of DLC treatment.
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