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Old 01-26-16, 06:13 PM   #1
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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date +++++ Subsim's 2016 US Election contest

I've been of voting age since 1978 and I have never seen an election year like this. Will we have our first Hispanic President? Our first Woman President? Our first Canadian President? Our first Socialist President? Our first (fill in description of Trump here) President? Who knows? Maybe you have the insight and political analytical skills to forecast the eventual winner.

Note, this thread is for the contest, for political discussion please use the existing 2016 US Presidential thread

Any questions or comments about this contest? Post them here so this thread stays uncluttered, please.


Here's how the contest works

To enter this contest, simply make a post in this thread with the name of the candidate you believe will win the upcoming Iowa caucus. For example:

*Dropout - Carson

You must enter the choice 24 hours before the caucus/primary begins.
Here is a calendar of the primaries.

I will keep a spreadsheet with all the participants and their results.
If you select the right Republican, you get a point. If you select the right Democrat, you get a point. Select both correctly, 3 points.

*Bonus: Select the name of the candidate you think will be the first in either party to announce they are dropping out. 1 Point. We will use the media to decide who has announce their withdrawal from the race.That may be tricky if three candidates drop out the evening of a primary, we will have a fine discussion about that, I am sure. Use this guide, I am only counting major R and D candidates, those with pictures by their name:

Now, that's what you need to know and do to enter and get started. Below is the other stages of the contest.

.................................................. ..........................................

After the Iowa caucus, I will start the voting for the New Hampshire primary and you can then list the candaites you believe will win. Same with the bonus dropout candidate.

Then Nevada/South Carolina. Note, these are staggered a week apart, so I will require your selections Feb 12 - 19.

Then the Super Tuesday primary, select which candidate you think will win the most states. Not the most delegates, just winner/best showing in each state. 5 points, 13 if you get both parties right.

Last, after we finish the Mar 1 Super Tuesday, I'll ask who will be the eventual nominee of each party. You'll get 5 points for a correct selection, 13 if you pick the eventual winner of both parties.

Last, after the conventions, on Oct 13, you can select the winner of the Presidential race, worth 10 points.

When the President is announced, we will add up the scores and see who is the winner. I will send a Subsim mug and t-short to the winner. In case of a 2 way tie, they split the prizes. 3 way or more, I will tell you something nice.

.................................................. ...............................................

Any questions? Post them here so this thread stays uncluttered, please.

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Old 01-26-16, 06:20 PM   #2
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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Join Date: Jan 1997
Location: Cougar Trap, Texas
Posts: 21,088
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Dropout- O'Malley
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Old 01-26-16, 07:19 PM   #3
Mr Quatro
Navy Seal
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D-Hillary Clinton
R-Donald Trump

I will have to study the drop out situation
pla•teau noun
a relatively stable level, period,
or condition a level of attainment
or achievement

Lord help me get to the next plateau ..

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Old 01-26-16, 07:41 PM   #4
Chief of the Boat
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Clinton for the win (not meaning I personally approve).
Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
Oh my God, not again!!

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Old 01-26-16, 09:02 PM   #5
Let's Sink Sumptin' !
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Bye-bye Huckleberry Huckabee.

--Mobilis in Mobili--
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Old 01-26-16, 09:28 PM   #6
Lucky Jack
Join Date: Jul 2002
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D) Clinton
R) Carson

Drop out: O'Malley

I think Carson might just pull off a last minute surge, if not then it'll probably be Trump.
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Old 01-26-16, 09:54 PM   #7
Gefallen Engel U-666
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Trump will win the republican Iowa Caucus and Clinton will nose out Sanders for the Democrats-only because the Dems are nervous and need a national stature candidate to oppose the demagogue Trump...and she'll have the best Monica-free kitchen-cabinet in the world to advise her I prefer Sanders(75) a Jewish Brooklyn boy, married to a nice Catholic shiksa and ex college president an Brooklyn girl; but it ain't gonna happen in the Midwest. Kudos to Obama: 'Hillary is 'wicked smart'! If nuthin' else, she learns from her mistakes and doesn't make em' twice!

"Only two things are infinite; The Universe and human stupidity; And I'm not too sure about the Universe"
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Old 01-27-16, 12:29 PM   #8
Lucky Jack
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Drop-Carson, Bush
Pulled from the podium screaming and flailing arms-Sanders.
“You're painfully alive in a drugged and dying culture.”
― Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road
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Old 01-27-16, 12:56 PM   #9
Silent Hunter
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dont want to go with what everyone else is picking, so




drop out: O'Malley, Bush
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Old 01-27-16, 02:43 PM   #10
Dan D
Grey Wolf
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Drop out: Carson

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Old 01-27-16, 04:58 PM   #11
Fleet Admiral
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My prediction


R - Trump
D - Clinton
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Old 01-27-16, 05:01 PM   #12
Willing Webfooted Beast
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R: Trump ()
D: Sanders ()
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Old 01-27-16, 05:05 PM   #13
Ocean Warrior
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R: Carson
D: Sanders

Dropout: Trump

No Borders, No Language, No Culture =s No Country

I'm a Deplorable, and proud of it.
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Old 01-28-16, 01:47 PM   #14
Lucky Jack
Join Date: Jan 2006
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R :- Trump
D :- Clinton

Drop out :- Bush
Dr Who rest in peace 1963-2017.

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Old 01-28-16, 03:14 PM   #15
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My knowledge of how all this works could fill a jam jar but here we go:


Dropouts - O'Malley Christie
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election, president

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