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Icon9 Having issues with the map using ARB widescreen GUi

Ahoy, everyone!
I am having some graphical issues while playing SH3 with the ARB WideGUI 1920x1080 mod (and some others), where the map and torpedo targeting screens are being split in two vertically. One half of the map is displaying info correctly, while the other is slightly shifted to the side. This is not necessarily game-breaking, but very annoying to look at.
Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong? Is there a mod to fix this behavior?

Maybe it could also be caused by the different mods fighting each-other so here is the full mod list I use:
ARB WideGui 1920x1080
ARB WideGui 1920x1080 v0.3.1
GWX - 16km Atmosphere
GWX - Alternative Flotillas
GWX - Axis Mediterranean Aircraft Skins
GWX - Enhanced Damage Effects
GWX - Captain Americas Officer Icons
GWX - Fix French
GWX - Late War Sensors Snorkel Antennas
GWX - Main Movie - "Das Boot"
GWX - Merged Campaign
GWX - No Medals on Crew
GWX - VIIC41 Player Sub
Tychos Patch (that works)

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
Btw, this is my first post, so let me know if I have done something incorrectly.
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Default Re

To me It sounds like the TYCHO PATCH wasn't done correctly.

How to install: Tycho Sh3 Patch v.3

1. Copy the TychoSh3Patch_v3 Work Folder, into the SH3 Mods Folder. There will be 4 files in the Tycho Work Folder.
• Binpatch.exe
• Remove.bat
• Tycho Patch.bat
• Tycho
2. Copy SHIII.exe, from your SH3 game to the TychoSh3Patch_v3 Work Folder
3. Run the TychoSh3Patch.bat
4. Activate the TychoSh3Patch_v3, Work Folder via JSGME

If this is the way you did the patching, then I'm at a loss.
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