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red storm fan
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Default world war 3

i used to have this on my old Atari STfm and i am trying to run it on Steem now i can't control my Sub on the large map? so i can't move to make any attacks.... it works ok on the limited scenarios. Can anyone help please
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Sea Lord
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You are not playing a newer version of Red Storm Rising. You are playing Dangerous Waters, with several custom made scenarios that are based on the Red Storm Rising novel. You need to start by reading the Dangerous Waters manual. When you first start dangerous waters, click on manual instead of play.

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red storm fan
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Default map

the norwegian sea map is all out of linr (uk in the White sea) i can not make the icon for my sub move
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Molon Labe
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The Atari STFM was the most popular of Atari's 16-bit micros, available as either the 520STFM with 512KB RAM or the 1040STFM with 1MB. Unlike its predecesors, the STFM contained a built in TV modulator, a 3½" disc drive (initially with a 360k capacity, but increased to 720k on later models) and had both the operating system (TOS) and the graphical user interface (GEM) stored in ROM.
Dangerous Waters--System Requirements

Minimum Specifications - Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
- 550Mhz processor
- 128 MB RAM
- Eight-speed CD-ROM drive
- Direct 3D compliant Video Card with 32MB RAM, (with DirectX 9.0b compatible drivers)
- Sound Card with DirectX 9.0b compatible drivers
- Desktop Resolution of 800x600 @ 16-bit color depth
- 590MB hard-drive space for installation
- Internet or LAN connection required for multiplayer

• Recommended System
(upgrades from minimum specs)
- 1GHz+ processor
- 256 MB RAM
- Direct 3D compliant Video Card with 64MB RAM, (with DirectX 9.0b compatible drivers)
- 1GB hard-drive space for installation

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Er, I mean, I think you're in the wrong place, bud.
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