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Originally Posted by El Whacko View Post
UBOAT is becoming the game I wished SH5 was and all the other SH games could have been. For the first time in my four years of playing SH5, SH4, and SH3; I uninstalled the games to focus on UBOAT.

Also, I can't wait to see how the ports will get revamped in further versions.
i feel very much the same. i just got back into UBOAT from SH4 and after some time i uninstalled SH4. i will still play SH4 in the future but UBOAT has certainly progressed well over time.
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Originally Posted by Shibbyland View Post
I'm liking UBoat quite a lot. It does so many things I wished SH5 would but then in other areas I find myself wanting to go back to SH5 Wolves of Steel.

Like the above post said. The ability to inspect neutral shipping and the mission variety is really cool. I like the interaction with the crew and managing provisioning of the boat. I like that there's more to do on patrols than head to a point, submerge, check hydro then surface and repeat.

In saying that, I find Uboat a bit too easy and somehow less immersive than SH5 Wolves of Steel.

In WoS, I really felt like I was on the Uboat. The world felt much more alive with so many different types of vessels, and despite it being a much older game, I prefer the graphics and sounds of SH5 (although that could be nostalgia). I don't know what it is that WoS has that makes it more immersive for me. Maybe it's just the effort it takes to locate, stalk and target a convoy. The enigma part of WoS is awesome too.

However, as good as WoS is, it relies on ubisoft and ubisoft's stuff is so unreliable. Uboat is just so much more straightforward to run and when I play it I don't constantly worry about getting too close to an AI spawn point and breaking my game or worrying about the campaign not progressing. I miss WoS a lot but I'm resisting the urge to reinstall it and am embracing Uboat as my new go to.

Pretty much exactly how I feel about the game and SH5.

Originally Posted by GoldenRivet View Post
seeing that most of my attacks are on the surface at night from within just a few hundred yards i cannot say i have experienced this.
Very nice, this is how the aces racked up their big tonnages if I understand correctly. On a moonless night move into the convoy on the surface from behind. Once you are within ~ 3 or 4 km your conning tower appears below the horizon from the deck of a transport or destroyer, against the black backdrop of the ocean you are practically invisible. Attack from point blank range inside the convoy, then dive hard and escape. I didn't think Uboat's simulation was this good, will have to give it another try.
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far as I'm concerned still piece of crap put 10 days supplied of food on first day out down to 6 days crew much be a bunch of pigs still the first day get a message rough sea crew might get seasick go topsides not all that rough,they better put a barf can around their neck ok ill take it down to 30 meters and grab a two-hour nap just too wake up to a dead chief
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