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Old 09-04-22, 03:34 PM   #61
Tazmanian Devil
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RIP Sailor Steve
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Old 09-04-22, 04:23 PM   #62
Grey Wolf
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I'm very sorry to hear of Steve's passing away.

While we barely exchanged a few words here on Subsim, I have a lot to thank him for, as it was his post that inspired me to start working on a coastal ships mod (and to learn a lot about maritime history and 3d modeling in the process).

Rest in peace, Sailor Steve.
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Old 09-04-22, 09:39 PM   #63
Rear Admiral
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Subsim and Sailor Steve sort of go hand in hand. I banged heads with him as well back in the day, but it always worked out. I loved his raw wit and humor and believe I won a Subsim Award for my "Ask Sailor Steve" post that went on for quite awhile as he answered all the crazy questions members posed. The forum wasn't quite the same when he vanished due to health. He was and will be missed.

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Old 09-05-22, 09:17 AM   #64
Canadian Wolf
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Legend here at SUBSIM in every way. RIP.

Back in the Day

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Old 09-05-22, 01:34 PM   #65
Von Due
Sea Lord
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Rest in peace, Sailor Steve. I never really knew you but I remember a friendly, helpful man who gave his time to answer a bunch of my questions.
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Old 09-06-22, 01:54 AM   #66
Lucky Starr
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Fair winds and following seas.

RIP Sailor Steve
Angriff, ran, versenken
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Old 09-06-22, 02:39 AM   #67
Silent Hunter
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Thats tough, he was a good guy - a Subsim Legend has been lost

Rest Well Sailor Steve
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Old 09-06-22, 12:53 PM   #68
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Sad news indeed. Rest in peace Steve.

As my people say: "Mourn the dead, but rejoice in the memories of a life well lived".
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Old 09-06-22, 01:06 PM   #69
Silent Hunter
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sad news. RIP Sailor Steve.
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Old 09-07-22, 08:33 AM   #70
Red October1984
Airplane Nerd
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Steve was a massive influence on a young Red October1984 several years ago whether he realized it at the time or not. I found Subsim and kind of dove headfirst even deeper into my hobby of simulation gaming.

Those of you that were around about ten years ago (holy ****, it's been eleven years since I joined ) know that I was extremely active here. I spent nearly all of my spare time under the waves of the Atlantic in Silent Hunter 3, perusing sonar screens in Dangerous Waters, and almost as often dabbling into more serious flight simulators. When I wasn't doing that, I was de-stressing and hanging out on the forum.

Steve was one of the biggest positive influences here during that time and though we butted heads on occasion, we had some very productive and formative discussions behind the scenes. He helped me through several rough times in my life and I am glad to have known him. I was saddened by his continually declining medical situation and I was fortunate to be able to thank him for everything he did for me.

To a genuinely great guy, mainstay of the community, fellow brother in arms, and a friend. Cheers, brother.

Engineering & USAF
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Old 09-07-22, 11:52 AM   #71
Lucky Jack
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Very sad news indeed. Steve was a wonderful guy.
“You're painfully alive in a drugged and dying culture.”
― Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road
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Old 09-08-22, 05:34 PM   #72
Sonar Guy
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WOW I just found out ,bummer RIP steve.
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Old 09-08-22, 07:26 PM   #73
Ace of the deep .
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Sad news
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Old 09-08-22, 07:45 PM   #74
Ocean Warrior
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After signing back on from shore leave, I get the news that one of the better members had passed. Steve, you'll surely be missed. I honestly feel like I lost a good friend. Prayers for your family during this time. Good luck on your eternal patrol.
Of all the forms of Martial Arts, Karaoke causes the most pain!
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Old 09-09-22, 10:38 AM   #75
les green01
Seasoned Skipper
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rip sad news i remember our talks in pm and how i would get him fire up with my spelling and grammar when he got sick and wasn't on here much subsim didn't see the same without him
I'll tell you what bravery really is. Bravery is just determination to do a job that you know has to be done.
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