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Old 01-26-17, 11:12 AM   #31
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I was living/working in Norway, probably too much.
Not many memories....

Anyways, HBd. SubSim!

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Old 01-26-17, 11:43 AM   #32
Tazmanian Devil
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date Wow Twenty years!

That seemed like yesterday........or was that the day before. Trying to learn how to use a computer and I still trying. Funny how things are still the same. Nine years after the birth of my daughter, the joy of my wife and I. Four years before my life changed forever. And in a few days, the birth of my grandson. Were has it all gone?

Graduations Neal! Silent Hunter 4 and this web site has help me keep my sanity for the past few years.
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Old 01-26-17, 12:33 PM   #33
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A year later I married, hahaha, I think it was the time of the modem to 33600, and working as a bodyguard ....... what times ....
It's a pleasure to read to you all, and thank you for everything
Muy buen trabajo,...único
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Old 01-26-17, 01:15 PM   #34
Navy Seal
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20 years on the net, that's beyond ancient in the internet age.

I was still a 9th grader in school in 1997. Not much out of the ordinary happened to me in that year though. Well, I sucked at math and had to take private lessons to get through Latin but that's about it. I do however remember being late for one of my private Latin classes because I watched the ceremony of Hong Kong being returned to China on TV (live IIRC).
Putting Germ back into Germany.
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Old 01-26-17, 01:26 PM   #35
Ocean Warrior
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In 1997 I received the rank of captain.
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Old 01-26-17, 01:30 PM   #36
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Default guys are ancient!
in '97 i was only 2 years old...
t'was the year my father bought the best car in the world.... a Volvo V90.
and we still enjoy it to this day.... we've grown very fond of it.
And i actually got married last year!

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Old 01-26-17, 01:33 PM   #37
Navy Seal
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Location: Gresham Oregon
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1997 I was 45 years old working on a wheat farm, and playing B-17 II Flying Fortress The Mighty Eighth with the online group at Bombs a Way. I had yet to discover sub sims and Subsim at that time, that came later in 2005 with the launch of SH3, and I've been hooked ever since.

"Some ships are designed to sink...others require our assistance." Nathan Zelk
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Old 01-26-17, 02:23 PM   #38
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In 1997 i was 17 years old. I was playing command aces of the deep, and was driving my yamaha scooter and listen to hardcore
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Old 01-26-17, 02:54 PM   #39
Silent Hunter
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Geez '97 ??

Moved into my third house, I was 42 (depending on the month ) The futrue looked rosy. Had three beautiful kids, another still to follow. Work went haywire.. and the worries set in. Turned to this community many times, (both public and in PM) for straight talk advice and good old fashoined camaradarie. Never been let down, never been failed.

On the good side, had another son, got four beautiful grandkids, one son and daughter in great marriages, one engaged, the last boy.... Well don't think he's ever gonna fly the nest, but hey. You know when some times that one thing just makes your day!

Congrats SUBSIM. Congrats Onkel.

Best regards and salutations.

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Old 01-26-17, 02:59 PM   #40
Pacific Aces Dev Team
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In 1997 I had been already 25 years impatiently waiting for to finally go online. Finally it happened and here I am since then
One day I will return to sea ...
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Old 01-26-17, 03:12 PM   #41
Sailor Steve
Eternal Patrol
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1997? Working at a book distributor's warehouse, living in the machine shop where my band rehearsed. My older daughter was in her last year of high school, and I was 47 years old.
“Never do anything you can't take back.”
—Rocky Russo
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Old 01-26-17, 03:44 PM   #42
Part-time skipper
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Icon9 More than half my life ago!

In 1997, I was in high school. Not to bring down the thread, but I barely remember 1997 because my brother died in a car wreck in November 1996, so the next couple years are pretty blurry to me.

Must have been subsimming though! Probably playing this!

Loved our tour of SS-244 Cavalla in Galveston last year!
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Old 01-26-17, 03:47 PM   #43
CINC Pacific Fleet
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Happy 20yo SUBSIM!

PS. Dont count me in the raffle.
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Old 01-26-17, 04:17 PM   #44
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Well It seems I was born one year after was launched! It's pretty crazy how time flies. I still remember the first time I played Silent Hunter 3. My Father got it and showed me how to play. The first mission I ever played was Happy-times. That is easily the most memorable gaming memory I have!
Still playing Silent Hunter over a decade later while attending college.
Check out my Channel.
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Old 01-26-17, 04:32 PM   #45
Lt commander lare
Grey Wolf
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In 1997 I Graduated, Seaquest dsv had ended its Run by then on NBC and I was one of the first members of the site when It opened but I had a different screen name then but I'm one of the orginal plank owners of subsim.
Lt. Commander Lare
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