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Old 08-06-09, 11:30 AM   #16
Bilge Rat
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Default RIP

Captain and friend Zeb, we will miss you, your smiling face, your commanding personality, your wit, and most of all the pleasure of your company.
Rest in peace, good friend.
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Old 08-06-09, 11:34 AM   #17
Sailor Steve
Eternal Patrol
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You sound as if you knew the Captain fairly well. If so, please share some stories with us. I only got to meet him for an hour or so, and wished even then that it could have been more.
“Never do anything you can't take back.”
—Rocky Russo
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Old 08-06-09, 11:52 AM   #18
Baby Katie
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Default Good-Bye Daddy

I am Baby Katie- the youngest of Zeb's 4 daughters. I followed Zeb into the military and was a Major in the Air Force. I figured since he had all girls, one of us better follow suit. So when I became a Captain in the Air Force it was fun for us to salute each other and say "Hello Captain"
Dad was such a great Dad - so generous, so kind to so many people, so patient with all his girls and loved all our pets we filled the house up with.
I always learned my leadership traits from Dad, as he always said "If you have a problem go to the Head of the Company" - He will be missed with all his long winded stories of the Navy and how he was in charge of feeding the "Swans" on the huge pond where he lives.
I love you so much Dad,
Baby Katie
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Old 08-06-09, 12:38 PM   #19
DeerHunter UK
Machinist's Mate
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It was my privilege and honour to meet your Dad at the Subsim meeting in 2004. My sincere condolences to you and your family.
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Old 08-06-09, 01:08 PM   #20
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Default See you in Heaven

Hello everyone,

I'm Peggy, the 2nd daughter. How wonderful to see your comments... they help us girls as we go through this time, now without our daddy. I have peace in knowing Dad died playing tennis, something he loved. But I have complete peace in knowing he had a relationship with Jesus Christ, his Lord and Saviour. We will all grieve losing him, but I rejoice knowing he is in Heaven, and I will see him again.

Dad couldn't have a conversation without weaving a Navy story through it. I would sometimes trick him and pick the farthest topic from the Navy, but I always failed. He managed it every time. Now it will be something that will make me chuckle, but many times I wanted to kick his butt about that. Dad was not a man of prejudice, and I respected him for that. He accepted whoever we brought home to meet him, and always said, "If you like them, then I like them." I loved talking world situations with Dad, and the state of this great nation. We could go on and on about that...I will miss those conversations dearly. He would sign off to each of us by saying, Love you baby. I loved hearing that on my answering machine if I were not at home.

We will miss our Dad. He was not a perfect man, but none of us are. Our imperfections become part of our personalities, and believe me, dad had a great, uplifitng personality. He has given us memories that we will laugh about forever.

I salute all of you who also served our country...I thank you for that. Dad was a true Patriot and he loved God, his family, and his country. We will miss you Dad and your memory will be kept alive. Love you baby! Peggy
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Old 08-06-09, 01:27 PM   #21
Ocean Warrior
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It seems like his daughters are as special as he obviously was. Long may his legacy continue.
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Old 08-06-09, 01:27 PM   #22
Lucky Jack
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Sounds like your dad was cut from the best piece of jib material. Those are the special ones indeed. Sorry for your loss.
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Old 08-06-09, 02:29 PM   #23
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Default Zeb Alford's oldest daughter

What a tribute to my Dad. I have talked to a few of his friends in the past few days and , as a daughter, you know how great your Dad is but to hear it from so many other people is amazing.

Thank you all for the posts that I am reading. It was a sad day to lose my Dad but he went out doing the 2nd thing that he loved (the Navy being the first I know) and that was playing tennis. so if you have to go, that is the way to do it. I know he was not in any pain and for that I am forever grateful.

I am anxious to meet as many of you as I can at the memorial for my Dad and as soon as we have a date and time I will make a post letting you all know.

Dad was #1 in everything that he did but especially as a Father.
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Old 08-06-09, 03:12 PM   #24
Navy Junior Jane
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Default Navy Junior Jane here

Dearest Dad,
I echo all of the things that katie, Peggy and Patti have said about you; you were the best father a daughter could ever want and I cherish the life and times we had together.

We shared so many wonderful adventures over the years; a memorable one being the canoe trip on the Buffalo Bayou with your grandson Lane, in a torrential downpour! What fun we had driving around Houston with that big green canoe on top of your cadillac!

May you have fair winds and a following sea on this part of your journey dad. I love and miss you so much.

Still your Baby Jane
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Old 08-06-09, 03:27 PM   #25
Grey Wolf
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My heart is steadfast, O God. I will sing and make music with all my soul. Ps. 108:1

Survival of the fittest does not explain arrival of the fittest.

we live in a single spoken sentence.. "God said, let there be"

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Old 08-06-09, 07:41 PM   #26
Tim D
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So sorry for your loss.
Very respectfully,
Tim Deardorff
Aviation Ordnanceman, USN, Retired
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Old 08-06-09, 08:21 PM   #27
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Default patti

What an amazing tribute to our Dad this site has become. Once again it is great to go in and see what is being said about my Dad. We are trying to get a date for the Memorial Service and hopefully we will have that very soon so people can start making travel plans.
I will keep you posted..
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Old 08-06-09, 08:38 PM   #28
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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Thank you, Patti. You can also reach me by phone, Joan has my number.

SUBSIM - 26 Years on the Web
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Old 08-06-09, 08:42 PM   #29
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Gone but never forgotten.

Lord Coolhand, Commander in Chief of Imperial Expeditionary Forces
Evil Empire Grand Pimpmaster CoolHand
The Few, The Proud, The Evil Empire

"My father always told me, keep your friends close, BUT keep your enemies even closer." Michael Corleone
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Old 08-06-09, 08:42 PM   #30
von Kinderei
Ocean Warrior
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My condolences to his family
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