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Default Subsim's recommended modding etiquette

------------------SUBSIM'S RECOMMENDED MODDING ETIQUETTE GUIDELINES:-----------------------------
The following guidelines are the result of a thread opened publically to receive feedback and suggestions about what kind of behaviours and practices are unanimously approved and wished by people involved in modding games. I have collected all of them and made a sum-up of all those who were accepted explicitely by EVERYONE who posted, and implicitely by all users who silently witnessed and did not disagree. After careful examination, recommends these guidelines as standard practice for everyone involved in its forums.They are not a legal system, nor is a court to enforce them. Yet, considering the major benefits for everyone that following them will bring, we strongly encourage to respect them.

#1: If you are going to make a mod based on the work created by another guy, ask permission first unless the readme of the original mod stated already that it could be freely reworked and modified.
#2: Asking for permission means using all reasonable methods of locating the author, and at least includes: a) E-mail to the address stated in the mod readme, if any b) Private Messaging in the forums frequented by that modder, c) Public post calling the guy in the forums, if all else fails.
#3: If the author of an old mod has dissapeared and the above methods of contacting him were unsuccesful, you can use his mod provided: a) The readme of it did not explicitely forbid any further use, b) You give proper credit to the original work and specify clearly b1) What you modified, and b2) Which means you used to try to contact the author, and when/where did you post or mail him, c) The original author has been away from subsim's forums more than 6 months, which you can check in his public profile. Keeping a screen capture of that could be worth in case of doubts.
#4: If the mod's readme indicates that further use or rework of it is not allowed, accept it. Your only alternative is to contact the author and convince him to allow you modifying it.
#5: If you are contacted by the original author to correct the credits, that is no offence. Just do it.
#6: Overlays or tweek packs for existing mods or supermods do not require previous permission unless: a) You are not just including stuff created entirely by you, but also using parts of the original one (E.g. you change only the crosshair of the periscope but keep the original artwork of the rest of the screen, created by someone else), or b) You are including also the whole base-mod in yours.
#7: If you receive permission from the author of a mod that also includes other third party mods, you must contact the authors of ALL of them, as per the above #1-4. Sometimes a modder gives permission to use his work in a specific pack, but will not allow it for others. Respect that.
Once permission is received according to the above guidelines, give proper credit as follows:
#1: Always give credit to any third party mod you legitimately included or reworked in your own one.
#2: It is nice to credit also people who post giving information and ideas in the forums but who later do not create mods from it. If your mod was based upon data or ideas suggested by others, crediting them is always good.
#3: Include in the documentation provided with your mod the original readme of the third party mod/s you are using.
Relating to the part created by you, it is of interest for everyone that you include what follows:
#1: Your name, and a valid contact address (E-Mail, a website or a Forum)
#2: Wether your own work might or not be further modified without your permission and/or knowledge.
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