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Default Installing FotRS

I'm new here. Love this game. Just a Noob question, and I hope I'm asking it in the right place--Does Fall of the Rising Sun have to be installed outside of the Program 86x folder? I installed it within the Programs 86 Steam folder, it was running. but then it crashed when the mission was about to start.

Any help would be appreciated. I'd love to try it out.
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Welcome to forum D-Jones!

First, SH4 must be installed as in this post says. and here another one to check out,

The Meg Mod, FotRS- Ultimate is a large file. So the game needs a little help by installing a file called Large Address Aware (LAA) to run. It's located in the file the FotRS- Ultimate. Silent Hunter 4 is an old game so, it also needs a file called Directx 9.0. Check out TheBerbster sticky located in in this link..
Hope this helps get you started.

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You do have to be careful D-Jones in how you name various mods also. FOTRS refers to the original mod from the AOTD_MadMax team for Fall of the Rising Sun. FotRSU refers to the re-worked Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate. Version 2 of FOTRS was made for Silent Hunter 4 v1.4 only, whereas FOTRS v1.2 and v1.3, along while all versions of FotRSU are written for v1.5 of SH4 only, which is the version with the U-Boats added. If you have a question concerning FotRSU, you can post in the FotRSU "release" thread Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate. We are still "active" and the mod is still being developed.

As Larrywb57 points out, you do not want to install any of the Silent Hunter games in a Program Files folder, which is due to Windows "protecting" those folders, as well as other System folders, from 'unauthorized' User alteration. This would include JSGME.exe, which was written as a Windows XP program, and does not recognize any of the "modern" Windows OS protections, such as User Access Control (UAC). You mention having the Steam version, which is fine, but that version does involve a bit more fiddling with the Steam install. Refer to Moving a Steam Installation and Games for the Steam methodology to either move the game and/or Steam itself, or create a new Library folder for the Silent Hunter series.

If you do have the FotRSU Download, there are several pdf files in the Support folder that can guide you through an install and activation of the game and mod. With the Steam installation, you usually do not have to worry about the DirectX v9.0c files and codecs, since the Steam SH4 install does that without prompting, but all else applies, including the use of LAA or the 4Gig Patch, as Larrywb57 points out. There is "Install Notes For SH4.pdf", "Activating Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate Edition.pdf", as well as others that can help you with setting things up. Generally speaking, you must also empty the "Save" game folder (C:\Users \UserName \Documents \SH4) after changing the mod configuration of the game. The big thing to remember is that Windows XP came out in 2001, and is what SH4 was written to (2005 engine, and 2007 game). There was minimal "security" in Windows XP, as compared to anything after Windows Vista, which is why the player of old DirectX v9 games have to bend over backwards to get things to function.

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