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Default Best of SUBSIM noms - Thread of the Year

Thread for Thread of the Year noms.

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fitzcarraldo has made a Best of SUBSIM nomination.
Thread of the Year
Post: Best thread on February 2022
Forum: SH4 Mods Workshop

Posted by: FotRSU Mod Team
Nominated Post: Team and Other Videos

If you are into watching vidz, here is a new one from Wolfpack345:


Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate Cinematic This is from Wolfpack345, using grabs from a later war mission, with the opening vid soundtrack from the game's "splash" opening. Nicely done.
As a team though, we don't have much of anything recent, except the last one by propbeanie, but you can get an idea of the mod from these:


Battleship Night ActionThat is from Rockin Robbins, and is very early in the development cycle, so you will see some glitches from ships that don't match each other, plus the fact that there is a LOT going on there. A similar battle scene runs better now, but we have not "produced" one yet...


Japanese Fleet ParadeAlso from RR, this one is "obsolete" now, in that more ships have been added, some altered, but could still be found to be useful.

Explosions Smoke Fire Mayhem - From propbeanie (forgive him the use of a strange username for his vidz), and can show daylight arendering of smoke and fire, but also shows why some viewing angles look different from others. Just remember, your submarine is the expected "stage" view, and if you change the angle or the distance much, you will see things that are supposed to be "behind the curtain"...

Robert H. Smith - A surface engagement between two DD, with the Robert H. Smith being the victor every time... It even took out IJN heavy CA, with minimal damage to itself. That has been changed of course, since.

Sole Survivor - This is an early vid, as all of the above are. This uses the game's music soundtrack for its backing track, and might be restricted in some countries, due to DRM.

No Sunrise Today - Nothing fancy and rather boring, this is the USS Narwhal just after surfacing, having avoided a sub-hunter off Truk (need some fresh air in there!). It had been a boring patrol, and the sub-hunter just passed us on by, never sniffed us. The boat will be taking off on the surface in 15ms churned waves - looks like a Nor'Easter! The watch crew get their snoots full of water while the view is through the skipper's binoculars, so we do miss getting to see the wave wash over the conn and poop the boat. Oh well. For whatever reason, the sides of the display were cut off during either the rendering or uploading process, so you cannot see too well that it is after 0700 hours by a good bit, and sunrise should be about 0730 hours. The boat is submerged just a bit after the end of the video so we can "lay in wait" on the next unsuspecting merchant to pass by...

We plan to have more, time permitting of course, and will remove some of these, due to their age. You might notice that some are from v0.3 beta, and all of them were used as "test" views of what we had thus far. You might also notice "issues" with certain aspects of the game. All possible effort was expended in attempting to correct the same... :salute:
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kapuhy has made a Best of SUBSIM nomination.
Thread of the Year
Post: Markus Witt's patrol logs are must-read for all U-Boat simulation fans. Meticulously prepared to resemble real U-Boat war diary, from situation maps and torpedo firing reports to BdU review with all the appropriate stamps and Doenitz' signature, they are virtually indistinguishable from a real thing. By the time of this nomination U-201 has gone on four patrols, each described in separate thread.
Forum: Silent Hunter 5

Posted by: Markus Witt
Nominated Post: Link
After the convoy attack there is not enough time left to attack again before dawn.
Alexander Witt decides to stalk the convoy during the day and attack again after darkness.
The coming night will be the last chance to attack the convoy as it will be too close to enemy defences after that.

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Route chart
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Niume has made a Best of SUBSIM nomination.
Nomination Category:
Thread of the Year
Nomination basis: One of the best modpack
Forum: SH4 Mods Workshop

Nominated Member: Bubblehead1980
Nominated Post: Trigger Maru Overhauled Update BH

USS Drum SS-228 1945

*TriggerMaru_Overhaul_2-5_UpdateBH Revised Final* by Bubblehead1980

This is a major update (a overhaul if you will) of Trigger Maru Overhauled 2.5.

The original version uploaded on 9/28 had an error in the special abilities files for crew, which was preventing campaign from starting properly. I then uploaded an incorrect test/incomplete version (doh!). I have uploaded the correct version entitled " TriggerMaru_Overhaul_2-5_UpdateBH Revised Final". Please make sure this is the version you have.

This update features:

A major rework of the campaign traffic, in fact this is a main feature of this mod, a interesting, immersive, historically accurate, dynamic (much as possible) campaign balanced with "playability". . Campaign is inspired by Run Silent Run Deep mod in there are "historical contacts", ships which spawn and represent actual ship movements of certain convoys, merchants, and especially the major enemy warships and some of the lesser ones. Example. Yamato Class never randomly sails the oceans, movements of Yamato and Musashi were reconstructed with best info available in each years task force layers for the Japanese and are present at battles in which they were.

While there are specific convoys that spawn , there are random generated ones that may/may not spawn to keep a variety in the campaign because sinking same old convoys, knowing where and when they spawn each time, can cause things to get boring eventually. This mix provides a create bit of balance. Random convoys though, are based on realistic convoys and shift routes etc at appropriate times.

Traffic changes over course of war to reflect how things changes in start you will see few convoys and the ones do see are typical of japanese convoys of the time 3-4 ships, one escort, occasionally two escorts and 4-5 ships, aside from large invasion forces in opening of war, which were reconstructed for as much historical accuracy as possible. Traffic is mostly lone merchants or maybe two traveling together. Some will be armed with deck guns from start, others, most not. Since unescorted and to make them not sitting ducks, lone merchants are typically set to have a higher skilled crew than escorted merchants. Set any lower, they are just too easy of targets and player can rack up ridiculous tonnage in early war. Occasionally in late war, especially in local waters, may see a lone merchant with a escorting ship or aircraft.

1943 began to see more convoys , with more defined shipping routes and by fall 1943 convoys are common. This reflects Japan's attempt at "getting their act together" such as forming the HI Convoys, which ran N/S from Singapore-Imari, and the MATA/TAMA (MANILA-TAKAO, TAKAO-MANILA) convoys as well. Traffic changes as US offensives take off and enemy bases are isolated, left to "wither on the vine".

In mid 1944, will start to encounter large (by Japanese standards) convoys of 10+, sometimes 15-20 ships with multiple escorts. Occasionally escort carriers and air cover. This is what Japanese did in a belated attempt to protect their shipping after massive losses in late 1943 and early 1944. This is where night surface attacks, a key feature of this mod, comes in to play. It is now possible, to attack on the surface without getting killed or severely damaged every time. If want to risk it, can even get inside some of the convoys and attack from within. Late in 1944, as per history, most convoy traffic shifts to coastal waters, to avoid submarine attack on open ocean. Indochina/China coasts are most target rich environments. A lot of shallow waters, a lot night surface attack chances.

After early 1945, traffic slows down a bit to reflect reality, but there are still plenty of targets, just have to hunt
and requires some thought , proper tactics.

Addition of numerous major and "minor" battles from Coral Sea to Okinawa.

Addition of numerous Japanese, Allied ships, and aircraft. (Ship packs in downloads section)

Submerged AI submarines that fire torpedoes.

Overhaul of US submarine damage model.

Overhaul of depth charges and torpedoes.

Darker nights and ability to perform historically accurate/realistic night surface attacks.

Overhauled mines, which are now a threat to surfaced submarines and surface ships and much more.

Something omitted from the README by mistake (but not going through the upload process again lol) is concerning hospital ships.

There are Red Cross (Neutral) hospital ships and Hospital Ships flying Japanese flags. Be careful not to sink these as will lose a lot of renown.

and much more.........


SH v1.5

Install order in JSGME:

TriggerMaru_Overhaul_2-5_UpdateBH Revised Final
NavMapMakeoverTMOUpdate (Required, included with download)
NavMapmakeoverTMOupdatePatch (Required, included with download)
Allied Ship Pack TMO (Required, see Subsim downloads section under ships)
Ships for TMO (Required, see Subsim downloads section under ships)
EAX Sound Simulation WITHOUT Webster Maneuver_TMO by Vickers03 (HIGHLY, HIGHLY suggested, really improves the sound environment, the overall experience of the sim. The update was made wit this mod and you will not get the same experience without, I assure you. Immersion and sound especially is a huge part of a subsim, especially if play without the external cam ,
TMO2_Different_smoke_and_splash_effects by Vickers03(HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY suggested as this corrects a flaw in SH 4, it gives merchants puffy black smoke plumes, which make them easy to visually track even at 10 nautical miles (just as real skippers did) and particularly helpful early war prior to SJ radar. Warships now has the lighter, whisps of smoke (except Clemson DD). The you have the amazing depth charge splashes and water effects as well shell splashes. Add this in with EAX sound, rather amazing. You will no goy back. This mod is included in optional . Make sure it comes after EAX sound sim in activation order.)
IJN_Radar_Fix_2 (Required)
Any other mods included with TMO and TMOupdate.
Others mods of player choice. Of course be wary of conflicts!

Make sure to actually read the README file for details, installation requirements, instructions etc. Follow install order and instructions in README to get proper and intended player experience.

Download is at the link below. TMO 2.5 UpdateBH (Revised Final) Ship Pack for TMO (Required) Allied Ship Pack for TMO (Required)
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Commander Wallace has made a Best of SUBSIM nomination.
Nomination Category:
Thread of the Year
Nomination basis: Mapuc / Markus started this thread to create a medium with which Subsim members could express things that were or are weighing on their hearts and mind. In troubled times, Markus was looking for a way to bring people together.
Forum: General Topics

Nominated Member: mapuc
Nominated Post: Speakers Corner
Hi there you seems to have something on you heart, something you wanna tell to the people here at subsim park.

Take a step up on this old wooden beer crate and let your heart sing out the words you need to come out with.

Rules-NO one are allowed to post comments to a members writing in this thread-Here it's only word from the "speaker"
I'm thinking about others could use these :Kaleun_Salute::Kaleun_Thumbs_Up: or what you think the "speaker" should have for what they have written.

(Rules-Same as always SubSim rules and it's forbidden to get personal-You may speak about what an another member have written-But without getting personal)

So steep up and speak out my friend.

I have had this idea for month if not years-Why not make a thread where people can write what's on their mind-without the need to discuss it with others
End edit

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