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Default Some more KSDII observations

So, made it back to Bordeaux, 18 Nov. 1942 (new campaign date is 19 Nov.1942):

Again, Zero airplanes in the Bay of Biscay, which might be because of the prevailing fog and unchanged weather we've had for 6 days, ever since passing the Canary Islands.

Note: I did receive a radio message from B.d.U. on 15 Nov., that apparently the big allied air offensive by the British in the Bay of Biscay, was completely halted in Oct.42 by the Germans, with the introduction of the "Fu.M.V. Station" ... maybe, that's why there are no enemy airplanes in the Bay of Biscay (?)

Mooring Crew: Yes, placing crew members in that station, will place as many (up to 6), on the forward upper deck.

Options for RTB: Just before arriving at base, a window pops up with the option to either, "Refit", "End patrol", or "Postpone".

I suppose, one can just refit/reload/refuel and go straight back out to sea, without loosing the "Dry Dock Time" at base (next patrol appears to be about 1 month later, i.e., 23 Dec.1942 (?)

Cmdr. received for 60,773ts sunk: E.K.I, Promotion to Ob.Ltnt.z.S., and 1720 Renown. Can't gauge, if this a lot or very little ...

The crew only received 1 E.K.I, which I awarded to the I.W.O.

Crew Qualification: Also, it seems, crew members without any qualification can not be given any, except by changing out the crew member. Is this so?

Note: A Midshipman (Fähnrich.z.S.), "costs" 100 Renown (with Watch-going qualification).

For Transfers: The only available flotilla seems to be the "Flying Dutchman Flotilla" (?) Does anyone know what this is about?
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