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Onkel Neal
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Nice post, Able
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Red Heat
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A long time a go...
Well back to the 1990 i was serving as a volunteer in the Portuguese Armada (Portuguese Navy) and when i came back to the civil life in 1994 i start to work in my old job in a Navigation Agency and Sea freight and cargo transports. (unfortunately I never play Ace of the Deep because at that time I didn't have pc) Meanwhile i buy my fist pc. Later surfing the net looking about W.W..II topics and submarines I discover the first Silent Hunter, wolfpack league and subsim forum. Very good memories from that time, guys...Thank you for everything.

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Bilge Rat
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Default What I was doing 1997

My 1st post here on Subsim:
Back in 1997 I was 3 years out from a 20 year stint in the Navy and working at the GA Department of Transportation. Favorite PC games then were Dawn Patrol, Wings Of Glory and Aces of The Deep (still have all three put away, first 2 are CD and Aces is 3.5 floppies) I was a Radioman in the Navy and became Information Technology tech for the GA. DOT.
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Red Devil
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In 97 I too was 3 year out of a 17 year stint in the First royal Tank Regiment. At this time I thought pc was a policeman. I was into computers in the Army and was one of the first in Germany to be trained on the Green Screen Menace. It was called PAMPAS, and it took 2 of us 2 weeks to get the info into the thing. It also had an easter egg - Space invaders!! But was very hard to find. I hated that system, it was dire.
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Chief of the Boat
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Welcome to SubSim gpaulperry
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Oh my God, not again!!

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