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I'm new with questions

Hello Subsim,

I have a lot of questions for you.

1. In the SH4 mission editor, how to I place a player sub? I've played a mission but the submarine appears not where I want it. I know it's a glitch but how do I fix it?
2. What kinds of programs do you guys use to make .dds files and ship models?
3. Are there any NON .rar and .7z mods I can download?
4. How do I make a sunken ship? Like if I wanted to make a mission like go rescue survivors, how do I make a destroyed ship?

Thats all.
Any replies are helpful to me, thanks.
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frau kaleun
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Welcome aboard!

If your questions are all specific to SH4, you will probably get more answers by posting them in one of the forums dedicated to that game. You can find all the Silent Hunter forums here:

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