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Default Recent patch - anyone else getting these bugs?

From time to time, the outside view goes black. Selecting another view such as sonar and then going back to a view incorporating an outside view restores the outside view.

Another new problem is the game momentarily freezes when any ship drops DC's, which didn't happen beforehand.

East and West dawn and dusk sun/moon rises remain transposed, so that at dawn, as the sun rises, it does so in the west! (and vice versa for dusk)

I like the new ability for u-boats to hit escorts, however, as there's no means to tell AI escorts to weave or prosecute a zig-zag path when closing on a u-boat there's no way for a player to make it hard for the u-boat to hit an AI escort. I think at the very least AI escorts need to report incoming torpedoes to them so that the player at least has a chance to alter their course or attempt to evade?
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I’ve noticed a few graphical anomalies when turning the view in the lookout station and the same slight freeze in the sub cam that you have experienced.

Your suggestion for escorts warning of incoming torps is a good one hopefully that will make it into the next build. The IWS team are currently targetting a full release in June will be very interesting to see the package as a whole. Hopefully it will sell well enough for them to produce the Pacific sequel that they hope to do.
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