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Quick Start Manual
Read before you start playing or posting questions!

- I'm somewhat confused about SH5/TWoS concept of campaigns, missions and objectives?
The concept is nicely explained here. LINK
- Do I always have to start my career from the first campaign?
No, type "silentotto" while you're in the campaign selection screen to unlock all campaigns and start any you want...

- How can I pass from one campaign chapter to the next one? (IMPORTANT)
Campaign transfers in TWoS are date controlled. This means that, in order to trigger the campaign transfer, you will have to be ON PATROL when ending date of your current campaign chapter is reached, preferably somewhere at open sea without AI units in your vicinity. Campaign transfer should then be initiated, or it will be at least few days after the ending date. This is important so pay special attention not to skip this date due to badly timed docking...The end date of first "Coastal Waters" campaign is on 1st June 1940, "Happy Times" ends on 1st march 1941 ect. Check ending dates for other campaigns here.

Now, there is a catch... Due to certain broken aspects of SH5's launcher, there is a possibility that even upon reaching campaign chapter ending date, campaign transfer still may fail to initialize (your patrol just goes on without any visible flotilla objectives).

Additionally, in-game "Campaign/Flotilla transfer" radio messages will tell you exactly how to behave when nearing campaign chapter ending and what to do if the transfer fails to initialize on designated date... You can also put to a good use optional "Campaign Advance Verifier Testing" TWoS addon which will tell you will the automatic campaign transfer be successful upon loading a gamesave. Note that if you are getting persistent "problem detected" messages with this addon even after 2-3 reloads, the message may be false positive actually.

Alternatively you can use this workaround which will work for sure even if campaign chapter ending date is passed for a few days ...SH5 campaign progress workaround

- We have "Enigma" machine too ?
Yes! Thanks to the amassing SkyBaron's work, SH5/TWoS features, for the first time in SH series...

[Under construction
Check TWoS Quick Start Manual from your TWoS Documentation folder for full version...

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